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Silver Bay

I have a read a lot of JoJo Moyes books over the years and I don’t think I’ve disliked any of them. They are all fairly typical modern day romance – or what I like to call ‘beach reads’ – but I love ’em!

Silver Bay didn’t disappoint either. Silver Bay is a quiet town in Australia, whose residents love the wildlife of their bay – mainly dolphins and migrating whales. Kathleen has lived there all her life, now running the hotel that her parents started. Her niece, Liza, also moved there from England with daughter Hannah. But when Mike comes on business, looking at land and approvals for a large resort development, their quiet space and past secrets are threatened to be ruined and exposed. What Mike doesn’t expect, though, is for his feelings about his job and his entire life to change. It was definitely emotional at times, but mainly because animals were involved. Definitely a good, easy beach/summer read! Enjoy!

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The Fever

The title sounds like it would be scary to read right now but it’s not about a pandemic – more of a town-isolated mysterious illness. This is my second time reading Megan Abbott and another I enjoyed. I’ll definitely keep her on my reading list!

The Fever by Megan Abbott is Salem witch hunts meet high school girl hysteria. A group of high school friends are dealing with “normal” high school things – boys, school, jobs, family dynamics. Then Deenie’s best friend, Lise, has a seizure in the middle of class and everything goes downhill from there. High school girls start dropping like flies. Is it the recent HPV vaccine that the girls got? Is it the lake water that is known to have toxins? Is it the old school building? But it’s just girls getting sick, so none if that fits or makes sense. Every time you think an explanation makes sense, something happens that shatters that. And obviously this causes mass chaos in the town.

So what does it end up being? No spoilers here – you’ll have to read for yourself. And I recommend you do!

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Simon’s Family

This might be the lowest I’ve rated a book. I’m usually pretty forgiving with my ratings. But I’m surprised I got through this book completely. It’s not that Simon’s Family by Marianne Fredriksson was bad…it was just boring most of the time. Maybe being translated from Swedish dulled it down a bit or maybe it just wasn’t my cup of tea.

As a child, Simon befriends Isak and their families become very close. Simon actually ends up being more like Isak’s dad and Isak like Simon’s, making for an interesting cross-family dynamic. The story follows the boys growing up, through WWII, discovering things about their pasts and families, dealing with everything from losing parents, finding love, and becoming men, each in their own way. There were parts that were more engaging and parts that were just weird (maybe in Sweden it’s more common to talk to trees and be one with different elements of nature).

It took me a while (putting me one book behind schedule towards my goal), but I got through it. Not sure I would recommend it unless you enjoy more low key novels about families and family dynamics. But maybe start it and decide for yourself!