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Amazing Friends Make Amazing Vacations

Roommate M and I decided to take advantage of my last fall break ever and took our first ever trip to the big apple, New York City. It was really my first time traveling with a friend and let me tell you, I had an awesome time. One good friend is all ‘ya need to explore the big city and have a good time 🙂 Though it does make it difficult to get lots of pics of you together. From airports, taxis, and subways, to lots of map reading, walking and blisters, I couldn’t have asked for a better fall break

Here are just a few pics from the trip!!


At Serendipity for frozen hot chocolate mmmmmm


Central Park on a gorgeous day


On Brooklyn Bridge in front of the downtown skyline


Rainy day in Times Square

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Gotta Be Something More

More and more I find myself thinking, “there’s got to be more to life than this.” As I near the start of my ultimate semester of school to finish my master’s degree, I have really started wondering what more there is. Sure, I will look for a job, maybe move, meet new people, and try new things. But those are things everyone can hope for and do. So I have tried to set a list of things that I REALLY do want more of consistently in my life (in a way, my mini, more immediate bucket list):

  • Guitar: I need to learn. I finally made the commitment at the beginning of the year to buy one, but have made little progress in the playing department. I just need to suck it up and find an hour each day to sit down and learn how to play. I know I have the basic skills, I just need to get over the hump and get in the habit, cuz I really do want to be able to play. (If anyone has any tips for learning, send away!)
  • Tennis & Golf: Unlike guitar, these are things I already know how to do (well, golf kind of), but don’t make nearly enough time to do. I have played tennis since I was like 8 and love nothing better than to play. The problem is, you have to have someone else to play. Golf I need to play not only to get better but also because I do enjoy it. I love going to the driving range for an hour by myself, but just need to commit to it regularly.
  • Scrapbooking: I began scrapbooking my senior year of high school. I did really well for a while and am currently held up halfway through junior year of college. Not bad, no, but when it takes 3 hours per page, it is difficult to find the patience and time to sit and do a few pages. When I do it, though, it feels so great to get another page done and know that is one memory that is preserved forever. Corny, yes, but even as horrible as high school was, I enjoy looking back at my friends and fun we had, and want to keep doing that far into the future.
  • Close friendships: My two best friends have been by my side for 22 years and 15 years, respectively. Loyalty is not a new concept to me. So it is harder now, being more permanently awway from said loyalties to understand how frienships can form and fall apart so easily. I want to work harder at 1) making new meaningful frienships and 2) maintaining those friendships. It sounds silly, but I want to be a more vulnerable person and allow myself to come out of my shell when I normally would not. Unforunately, they do work both ways, but if one fails, I do not want to feel like it was at all because I dropped the ball. That being said, the strong friendships and loyalties I do have can always use more and definitely deserve even more attention and respect.
  • Take pictures: I used to love take pictures of everything: people, scenery, flowers. Now I don’t even think about it unless it’s after the fact and I am wishing I had taken more. I have decided that I need to take pictures every time we do something, even it’s just 2, and even if no one wants me to. They’ll thank me later.
flower in Guatemala

flower in Guatemala


Food & Friends = Fun

It was a wonderful long holiday weekend. I was little worried that a lot of my friends were going to be out of town and that I would have nothing to do. I really would have been ok with nothing to do, but it ended up being a fun and busy weekend. Friday night I got to see friend AP who is in law school in Knoxville and I don’t get to see very often. Catching up with friends is always a good time. Saturday (July 4) was a good time of hanging out with two different groups of friends, a hot chicken festival, and getting soaking wet on the roof of one of campus buildings trying to see the downtown fireworks. Today was an impromptu cookout at our house by roommate KS and I that was a great time, even meeting some new friends! Below are some pictures, mostly from the chicken festival (sadly there is no documentation of the adventure to the roof in the rain or from the fun cookout today; I’ve got to start doing better with the camera again!!). For the weekend starting out very crappy, it ended very well.

The ingredients for a good time = friends and good food

eating watermelon while waiting in line for chicken

eating watermelon while waiting in line for chicken

we waited in line for over an hour for this chicken

we waited in line for over an hour for this chicken

finally enjoying chicken

finally enjoying chicken

brownies i made for a cookout

brownies i made for a cookout