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#22. Dinner Party

The exact definition of a “dinner party” can vary depending on your opinion. My original thought was something fancy and involved. But I realized that although that would be fun, it is not really my style. So my dinner party (found on my 101 list) happened last week. I invited over the ladies who make up the past, present, and future youth staff where I work. I think they have been the most influential women in my life here in Nashville. We range in age from 1-year out of college to having grown children. And I could never ask for better coworkers and mentors.

Since one is leaving at the end of June (right after the crazy weeks of trips), and I myself am leaving at the end of the summer, it was only right for us to have an evening together to celebrate each other and have fun. I love hosting things and cooking for other people, so it was easy. I served

  • Spanakopita appetizer
  • Baked Chicken (marinated in tequila lime marinade from Kroger – delicious)
  • Orzo with Parmesan and Basil
  • Salad (actually made by one of my guests – she makes THE best salads)
  • Wine (obviously)
  • Peanut Butter Pie dessert

We had a wonderful time catching up on each others’ lives, sharing stories, and just having fun together. I will seriously miss every single one of these women when I move.

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Welcome to Nashville

There are certain things our guests need to experience when they visit Nashville for the first time. My friend, Tess, has done these things in her numerous visits to town. Meghan’s friend Katie, her cousin Adam, and his friend Dusty had never experienced our favorite downtown dives. So of course we had to make a trip downtown over new years weekend!

  • Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar

  • Paradise Park

  • Paradise Park Cafe

Cheese tots. mmmmmm.


All in all, this was the BEST weekend ever. We laughed, some cried, and laughed some more.


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Hello, 2011

To say it was a good start to 2011 would be an understatement. It was the best New Years Eve and start to a new year ever. My friend Tess and Meghan’s friend Katie came into town to partake in festivities. We kicked off the weekend with a trip to Late Night Sunset Grill for nachos. YUM!

Late Night Sunset

New Years Eve day was a chill and relax, but quickly became exciting and fabulous.

  • 5 girls getting ready and dressed up. Excitement enough, right?
  • Dinner at Whiskey Kitchen with even more friends.

Whiskey Kitchen


Whiskey Kitchen

  • A little pre-party Guitar Hero back at the house.

Rock Band


Rocker girl

  • New Years Nashville Party at the Adventure Science Center. Lots of friends, dancing, food, drinks, and all around fun!

Yay friends from homes

Love this girl!


That is obviously the quick run-down of the shenanigans of the evening. And luckily the weekend fun did not end there, but that’s more for another day…..



Today marks my quarter life – though luckily not so much a crisis. I want to thank some people who have meant so much to me in the first part of my life.

My friends. Some oldies but goodies:





And last but most CERTAINLY not least:

My brother, Scott

My parents


Lots of love to you all!!!


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#27. Bake a Birthday Cake

101 item #27!! I love baking and I love celebrating friends’ birthdays…so what better than to bake one of my best friends and roommate, Meghan, a birthday cake!! I asked her what kind she wanted and we decided on carrot with cream cheese frosting. So I spent a glorious Labor Day baking and icing a cake (among other fun things). Of course, as usual, I meant to take pictures of the process but completely forgot until the very end. Oh well!

Tonight we will cut it and enjoy the (hopefully) deliciousness. Happy birthday roomie!!!

Mmmmm....cream cheese frosting

Birthday girl today!!! Yay!!

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Busch Stadium

Last weekend, I drove up to visit my good friend and DG Big Sis, Lisa, in St. Louis. It was a great trip! We had lots of time to catch up, I got to meet the absolutely adorable baby Anna, and I completed part of a 101 list item: to visit 2 new MLB stadiums! I love baseball and love to visit new stadiums (even if it’s not the Braves playing….). I’ve been to Atlanta (obviously), Wrigley Field in Chicago, and Chase Field in Arizona. I had toured Busch Stadium, but this was my first game, and I picked a good one. Lisa’s mom reserved a party suite, complete with dinner buffet and all the beverages we wanted. The box was about halfway down the first base line and was a great view. The home team pulled out a win and good times were had by all.

Busch Stadium

The happy family

I just love Anna banana!