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101 Failure or Success

67 of 101 complete. Not a great stat. It’s a little sad that I wasn’t able to complete more items off my 101 list. Some I have legit excuses for – such as moving away from Nashville where there were 4 items I was not able to complete.  And yes, it was difficult to do some thing after moving and being busy with school and finding myself in a new city.  I can come up with a million excuses, however most were left undone due to laziness. Some required enlisting friends to help and I didn’t push enough. Many just required planning ahead and organizing. A handful I know for a fact I will do in the next 2-3 months, just not in time to make the official list.

I am, though, completely happy with those I was able to complete. It challenged me to do new things and gave me goals to work towards, which I love. You can see my full list – completed and uncompleted items – here: 101 in 1001.

Some highlights from the 1001 days

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Welcome to Nashville

There are certain things our guests need to experience when they visit Nashville for the first time. My friend, Tess, has done these things in her numerous visits to town. Meghan’s friend Katie, her cousin Adam, and his friend Dusty had never experienced our favorite downtown dives. So of course we had to make a trip downtown over new years weekend!

  • Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar

  • Paradise Park

  • Paradise Park Cafe

Cheese tots. mmmmmm.


All in all, this was the BEST weekend ever. We laughed, some cried, and laughed some more.



Best Morning Ever

My favorite question to ask people at this time of year is “what is your Christmas?” The incredible part is that you will never hear the exact same answer twice. Every family does Christmas in their own way. Obviously it changes over time, but personally, I’ll always love Christmas the way it was 18 years ago.

  • Christmas Eve: BIG dinner of crab legs, shrimp, salad, baked potato
  • Christmas morning:
    • Scott and I wake up about 3am
    • Trample downstairs to check out the goods Santa left on the sofa (not wrapped); look but don’t touch yet
    • We make Mom, Dad, and Grandmama get up and let them get coffee and the video camera
    • Stockings first, one at a time
    • Santa gifts next, hold up each gift one at a time
    • Pass out wrapped gifts and open one a time
    • Breakfast: breakfast casserole, grits, muffins
    • spend the rest of the day playing with our new gifts

Obviously there is nothing even close to 3 am anymore, some gifts are done Christmas Eve with Scott’s girlfriend, Amanda, there are no Santa gifts, and I still miss Grandmama being around. Despite the changes, though, I still love Christmas and our only-slightly-tweaked traditions. I miss the excitement of being a kid and anxiously awaiting Christmas morning, but have a relaxed family day is also great.

I kind of love this Target commercial and like to think that this is what Christmas morning is.

What is your Christmas?!