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101 Failure or Success

67 of 101 complete. Not a great stat. It’s a little sad that I wasn’t able to complete more items off my 101 list. Some I have legit excuses for – such as moving away from Nashville where there were 4 items I was not able to complete.  And yes, it was difficult to do some thing after moving and being busy with school and finding myself in a new city.  I can come up with a million excuses, however most were left undone due to laziness. Some required enlisting friends to help and I didn’t push enough. Many just required planning ahead and organizing. A handful I know for a fact I will do in the next 2-3 months, just not in time to make the official list.

I am, though, completely happy with those I was able to complete. It challenged me to do new things and gave me goals to work towards, which I love. You can see my full list – completed and uncompleted items – here: 101 in 1001.

Some highlights from the 1001 days

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Welcome to Nashville

There are certain things our guests need to experience when they visit Nashville for the first time. My friend, Tess, has done these things in her numerous visits to town. Meghan’s friend Katie, her cousin Adam, and his friend Dusty had never experienced our favorite downtown dives. So of course we had to make a trip downtown over new years weekend!

  • Big Bang Dueling Piano Bar

  • Paradise Park

  • Paradise Park Cafe

Cheese tots. mmmmmm.


All in all, this was the BEST weekend ever. We laughed, some cried, and laughed some more.



Best Morning Ever

My favorite question to ask people at this time of year is “what is your Christmas?” The incredible part is that you will never hear the exact same answer twice. Every family does Christmas in their own way. Obviously it changes over time, but personally, I’ll always love Christmas the way it was 18 years ago.

  • Christmas Eve: BIG dinner of crab legs, shrimp, salad, baked potato
  • Christmas morning:
    • Scott and I wake up about 3am
    • Trample downstairs to check out the goods Santa left on the sofa (not wrapped); look but don’t touch yet
    • We make Mom, Dad, and Grandmama get up and let them get coffee and the video camera
    • Stockings first, one at a time
    • Santa gifts next, hold up each gift one at a time
    • Pass out wrapped gifts and open one a time
    • Breakfast: breakfast casserole, grits, muffins
    • spend the rest of the day playing with our new gifts

Obviously there is nothing even close to 3 am anymore, some gifts are done Christmas Eve with Scott’s girlfriend, Amanda, there are no Santa gifts, and I still miss Grandmama being around. Despite the changes, though, I still love Christmas and our only-slightly-tweaked traditions. I miss the excitement of being a kid and anxiously awaiting Christmas morning, but have a relaxed family day is also great.

I kind of love this Target commercial and like to think that this is what Christmas morning is.

What is your Christmas?!


Nashville Urban Dare

I’ve done a few running races in the past year, but nothing has compared to the Urban Dare. And yesterday, Urban Dare (basically a city-wide scavenger hunt) was in Nashville. Meghan and I teamed up, as well as Christen and Will, really having only a vague idea of what we were getting into. We gathered at Dan McGuiness on Demonbreun, along with about 200 other teams, registered, and waited for instructions to be given.

Pre-race happy competitors

Ready to dominate

Each team is given 11 clues….we decipher the clues to figure out where to go (thank you smartphones!!), then decide the order in which to go to them. Teams can travel on foot or by bus only. I’ll give you clues in the order we completed them, along with the picture. Some of the clues also require completing a dare.

Clue #7: Steve McQueen starred as Captain Virgil Hilts in this movie. Get your picture in front of the establishment with this name. Answer: The Great Escape (record store)

Clue #4: Get your picture with Owl’s Lookout. Answer: statue in front of Peabody Library

Clue #10: Find the Urban Dare official by the building with the quote “The brain is wider than the sky” for your bubble dare. Answer location: Buttirck building on the Vandy campus. The dare was to find a piece of Bubblicious covered in cool whip (with your mouth) then chew and blow a bubble. I had the honor of doing this one!

Clue #2: Nashville’s newest frozen yogurt store officially opened for business on Friday. Get your picture in front of it. Answer: Pinkberry

2 minute bonus: Get your picture with a neon sign that says “free smells”.

Clue #6: “I gave my best to make a better world” is the inscription on a local memorial. Go there for your scrabble stick dare. Using the numbers on the scrabble sticks, add up the value of the letters in the word on your passport. Answer location: World War I memorial in Centennial Park. Our word was CONFIDENTIAL and the total was 152. [We lost a little time on this one; and no picture!]

Clue #8: He is most famous for painting the Sistine Chapel. Get your picture in front of his restaurant. Answer: Michaelangelo’s pizza!

Clue #11: According to Joe Hill’s song The Preacher and the Slave, you will get this when you die. Get your picture with the establishment that goes by this name. Answer: Pie in the Sky

Clue #3: Get your picture with the sculpture Three Red Lines. Answer location: The Frist Center for the Visual Arts

Clue #1: PHOTO HUNT – Take a picture of someone not in the race doing a cartwheel. AND a picture of 4 people not in the race posed as if they were shooting a bow and arrow.

Clue #9: Get your picture with this downtown mural [picture was on our sheet]. You’ll find it near all the live music joints. Answer: on the side of Legends (honky-tonk)

Clue #5: Go to Roy Orbison’s star on the Music City Walk of Fame for your wheelbarrow dare. Dare was to complete a loop doing the wheelbarrow with teammate.

Finishing time: 1 hour, 37 minutes.

Finishing place: 10th!!!!!! (don’t forget…around 200 teams total)

This really was one of the most fun things I have done in a really long time. And it was even better getting to do it with my roomie!!


Adults Only…

…at the Adventure Science Center!! This is definitely the best idea they have ever had: one price, 2 drinks and snacks, no kids, free reign of the ASC. They even provided a preview of the planetarium and the various shows they offer!! I will definitely be attending again at the next adults only night in July. Who says it’s only for kids??


Lymphocytes vs. Pathogens

Everything you want to know....

Go team!

Circulatory system

Flyin' up the space wall

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Summer is Hot

For those of you in the south, this title is an understatement. It is only mid-June and the temperatures have been in the mid- to high-90s with heat indexes, some days, in the 100s. And being outside every single day at camp, I know how miserable it is. And I love being outside. I don’t even want to think about what it will feel like by the end of July.

Regardless of the heat, this past week was full of events that are always equated with summer. They are some of my favorite things and they don’t all necessarily only occur in the summer, just more frequently.

  • Team Trivia!!! Any given night in Nashville you can find numerous bars and restaurants hosting trivia. For the most part, I think with the exception of one night ever, we do not win and do not even do well. But what better than good food, good friends, and challenging questions?!
  • Movies in the Park. Wednesdays in June in Centennial Park brings blankets, pillows, picnics, and great people watching. We get there early to get a good spot and hang out til the movie starts at dark. This past week was Legally Blonde, which I had not watched in a long time. It was fabulous. This coming week is The Blind Side, one of my absolute favorite movies.
  • Late Night Sunset Grill. One word: nachos. And you can only get these nachos at Sunset Grill starting at 10pm. There is no need to look at the menu or even consider getting anything else. Delicious!!!

I love summer and there is going to be so much more to enjoy during the rest of it this year.


Holiday Favorites

[My next handful of posts are going to discuss my favorite parts of the holidays. Please feel free to comment or reply and post yours!]

There are two sides to Christmas and sometimes it’s very hard to balance them.  There is the religious side and the secular side. On one side there’s baby Jesus, angels, and nativities; and on the other there is Santa Claus, snowmen, and twinkling lights.  One of my favorite things about Christmas is music. However, when I sat down to write about my favorite Christmas songs, I realized there was no way to come up with just 5! I love the traditional hymns and ballads, but I also need a little fun and snow in my songs. So here are my 2 lists of favorite Christmas songs.

What are yours?

5 Favorite Christmas Songs: Secular

5. Sleigh Ride – Boston Pops

4. Grandma Got Run Over by a Reindeer

3. I Want a Hippopotamus for Christmas

2. Baby It’s Cold Outside

1. Muppet’s 12 Days of Christmas

5 Favorite Christmas Songs: Traditional

5. Joy to the World

4. O Holy Night

3. Breath of Heaven – Amy Grant (not really traditional, but more religious)

2. Oh, Come All Ye Faithful

1. Silent Night