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#73. Golf with Dad & Bro

Another item done on my 101 list!! My uncle (dad’s brother-in-law), Dave Lapan, was a former athletic director at Blackhawk College, East Campus and was well- known in the small community where he lived, as well as in other parts of the midwest for his involvements in athletics. He was definitely one of the most funny and entertaining relatives I had growing up. We lost him to a battle with stomach cancer, and the college decided to start a scholarship in his name. So every year in August they hold a golf tournament to raise money for the scholarship.

This is one of the reasons I decided to play golf about 6 years ago, and so far is about the only time I play the whole year. Needless to say, I am not the ringer of the team. But it is a best-ball game, so each player hits and you play the best ball. It is always fun and really my only chance to see that side of the family every year.

Scott, Dad, and I and cousin David