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Always a Lesson Learned

My last Guatemala-related post is a simple list of the things I learned, both our scheduled week and the extra week stranded.

  • It may rain or it may not rain
  • I could eat fried plantains every day
  • There are plenty muscles in my body that are never used
  • 10 people are not made to spend 14 days together (no offense to anyone on the trip, I love you all!)
  • I only thought I hated my bed at home
  • I actually miss salad when I’m not allowed to eat it
  • I love cooking and miss it when I can’t cook
  • I take simple things for granted: drinkable water from a faucet, flushing toilet paper, my heating pad, always having a phone
  • Never fly American Airlines
  • I am so lucky to have my wonderful family and friends, and to live such a comfortable life

I love Guatemala. I have been 3 times and hope to go again. Although it was a little stressful and annoying to be stuck for an extra week, it was a great time.

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An End in Sight…hopefully.

Wednesday, June 2 – Friday June 4

On Wednesday, we decided that we could not wait until Sunday to get home. We had waited long enough. There were rumors that the roads to El Salvador were open, so we sought out travel companies to price buses to El Salvador, while simultaneously spending about 3 hours on the phone with American Airlines to get our flight changed to one out of El Salvador, with no extra charge (thanks Holly!!!!!). Got the flights changed. Got seats on a bus (Greyhound-like style) from Guatemala City to San Salvador.

So on Thursday, a van picked us up at the hotel and took us to the bus station in Guatemala City. We could still see remnants of ash on the side of the roads and roofs of the houses. The bus loaded….we were not told there were 2 stops in San Salvador and didn’t really know which one we were supposed to get off at, but we picked one…..and we took off.

At the bus station, Guatemala City

On the bus

It is supposed to be about a 5 hour bus ride. We made it to exit customs on the Guatemala side and got new stamp in our passports. Then we went across the river to the entry customs in El Salvador, with NO stamp in our passport. Lame. This whole process took a long time.


But we made it to San Salvador, thinking there would be a hostel right by the bus stop. No such luck. We sucked it up and stayed a different hotel right at the bus station and grabbed dinner at Pizza Hut (so delicious). We took cabs to the airport about 5 hours before our flight, just to be safe and feel better about the whole thing, I honestly did not feel better until the plane was sitting at the gate.

Dinner at Pizza Hut

Our plane!!! San Salvador airport

We got to Miami without a hitch and had a long layover for a nice sit-down dinner, where we could actually order salad and eat lettuce and tomato and fresh veggies. We got to the gate only to find out that our flight was delayed because the flight crew had not arrived yet, Same problem as 2 years earlier at Miami. Hm. Long story short, we got into Atlanta at about 2am, got my parents’ house about 3am (my dad graciously picked us up), and went straight to bed.

The adventure was finally over. We got up fairly early on Saturday to drive back to Nashville and truly be home. 3 countries (Guatemala, El Salvador, US) and 3 states (Florida, Georgia, Tennessee) in 3 days. WHEW!

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The Saga Continues…and Continues….

Sunday, May 30 – Wednesday, June 2

Still stuck in Guatemala. Our Monday flight was pushed to Wednesday and our Wednesday flight was pushed to Sunday. There was nothing extremely exciting, so here are some of the highlights of these few days, stuck in Antigua.

  • Sleeping in.
  • Wandering Antigua.
  • Shopping.
  • Eating at McDonalds. multiple times.
  • Seeing a movie, Sherlock Holmes (in English with Spanish subtitles)
  • Hooka bar (my first time)
  • Tanning and hanging out on the hotel roof.
  • Drinking wine on the hotel roof. in styrofoam cups.
  • More shopping.
  • Delicious dinners and drinks.
  • Dance club.

Wandering and shpping around Antigua


Wine on the roof

Hooka bar

Hanging out on the roof

Delicious dinners

Dance club

Dance club

Gotta make the best of what you have, right?!? On Wednesday, someone decided enough was enough and that we needed to take matters into our own hands. More to come on that tomorrow!