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Halloween Decor

#19 on my 30 before 30 list is to make a decorative item for every holiday. Looks like I’ll have to step it up here in the last year of my list! I do already have a lot of Halloween decor, so I took to Pinterest to find something I didn’t have. Lately I tend to lean towards wreaths because it makes it a lot easier for people to find my apartment when they visit. And it just makes for a nicer welcome home every day!

I already have a fall-type wreath, so I wanted to do something more Halloween-y. I got this idea from Pinterest but tweaked it a little bit. It only took a few hours and I think it’s super cute! And you could do this same concept a million different ways for various holidays, events, etc.

Halloween Door Hanger

What you need: wooden letters, acrylic paint (at least 2 colors), paint brush, q-tip, burlap ribbon (with wire), raffia (thin twine-looking ribbon)

1. Paint the letters a solid color with acrylic paint. I use a small sponge paintbrush – it goes on nice and even. Let dry.


2. Use the q-tip and the second acrylic paint color to put polka dots on the letters. This is obviously optional. You could leave them solid, put glitter on them, paint stripes – whatever you want!


3. With the burlap ribbon, tie a large bow. I just googled ‘how to tie a burlap ribbon’ and found a very simple how-to.

4. Use some of the raffia (or another ribbon) to secure and decorate the middle of the burlap bow. Then use more raffia to tie each letter together and to the bow.

Pretty simple!


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Trick or Treat!!!

I’ve never absolutely LOVED Halloween. I totally understand why people would love it, but dressing up and spending months on costumes just really isn’t my thing. Candy? My thing. Halloween decorations? My thing. However, I thought I’d share some Halloween memories. (Apparently, my mom wasn’t into Halloween either because she couldn’t find many pictures AT ALL of Halloweens growing up, haha. Notice the very large year gaps in between pictures). These are quite embarrassing……but hilarious!!!

We’ll start young….


Then skip a few….well, number of years……


There are no. words.

And now skip a lot of years……

Fairy and my little doc!!

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#37. The Shining

I have only recently enjoyed watching scary movies. So naturally I need to go back to watch the good old ones. The only one I put on my 101 list was The Shining with Jack Nicholson and since it is getting closer to Halloween, it was the perfect time to watch. So one night last weekend, Meghan and I pulled it out (she owns it). I’m not going to lie…I was working on some stuff at the same time as watching so I wouldn’t get completely freaked out. But it was freaky. Jack Nicholson is just a creepy guy, even if his character isn’t supposed to be creepy. This one, obviously, is so it was perfect for him. The music was a bit over the top for now (even though the music is what really makes a movie scary). The end left wayyyyy too many questions unanswered…but I guess that’s the whole point, right??

Now let’s see if I can sleep soundly for the next few nights……


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#86. Haunted House

I have not been to a haunted house since I was about 10 years old. I was so scared then I never wanted to go again. However, recently, I discovered a new love of the thrill and rush of being scared…mostly by starting to enjoy watching scary movies. So when I made my 101 list, I decided I needed to make myself go to a haunted house (or in this case, haunted woods). We went to Monster Mountain just north of Nashville and the theme was vampires. The set was SO elaborate and honestly it wasn’t too scary. It was just right scary.


Finally at the door!!


here we go....



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Halloween – Party Edition

There is not a better feeling than hosting a successful party. This year we hosted the 2nd Annual Killer Kenner Halloween party and personally, I would say it was a major success. Decorations were definitely a step up from last year and we had 3 times as many trick-or-treaters!! I loved the pumpkin I carved at another party the night before.  We had delicious goodies.  My dog was adorable. Of course, Halloween parties are made by the guests, and as usual, our guests were fantastic. Here’s a little sample


Doc Tucker in the house




Fellowship of the Ring


Yay friends!