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These are not my favorite posts (about myself) but through my blog I am challenging myself to myself out there. I’m especially not pumped for the pics but I think they are important to see. Plus this post lets me brag on my amazing friend.

My friend Meghan is a coach with Beachbody and it was clear that she was getting amazing results. So she’s been talking up the program. I traditionally have had very good habits and self-motivation when it comes to working out. Running, tennis, Pure Barre, boot camps, triathlon training. But since March, when we moved and my Pure Barre regiment ended, I’ve struggled to get into a routine. I also noticed that my clothes were getting a little more snug. Let me go ahead and say that I know I do not need to lose weight and I am not by any means overweight. But I do hate shopping. Meghan likes to ask you what your ‘why’ is. My ‘why’ is that I want to be in good shape, be strong, and I don’t want to go shop for new clothes because mine don’t fit anymore. And to be honest, that last one is probably my strongest motivation.

So she wore me down. 😉 I knew I needed accountability and who better than one of my former roommates who went to the gym with me before sunrise. I signed up with a promo they were doing for the new Morning Meltdown workout and got a bunch of stuff with it – access to all the Beachbody workouts on demand, a journal, Shakeology (protein supplement), and a cool calendar to cross off the 100 – yes 100 – workouts of Morning Meltdown (MM100).

But before our group was starting MM100, I had just enough time to squeeze a shorter program – 21 Day Fix. I started it on a Saturday morning and physically could not walk normally for a few days. It is no joke. You do need some equipment to make it more challenging – I had a simple set of weights (these from Amazon) and I ended up ordering this more padded mat because my older yoga mat wasn’t cutting it on the hardwood floors.

There is a nutrition piece as well. It’s basically portion control and eating things that are good for you. They do have nifty containers that help you learn the portions, but we honestly do pretty well with portions. Well, correction – my husband eats smaller meals throughout the day which makes me eat more appropriate portions. So I am not strictly following any of the Beachbody nutrition programs but working on portions, less sugar, and less alcohol (I like some beverages by the pool in the summer!).

And even in 21 days you could tell a difference! I was more toned already and feeling so much stronger.

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I’m not going to lie – morning workouts are more of a struggle for me than they used to be but I am doing it! MM100 has started and we have a solid group of women who are on the same track, doing the same workouts every day, which really helps motivate me to get it done. There is the random day that it happens in the evening instead of in the morning. There is the random day I just can’t get it done and I double up the next day. We are now 19 days in and this weekend I’m going to Nashville (where the rest of our group lives) and will actually get to workout with these incredible ladies and more exciting my Meghan!! Can’t wait to finish out this program and start one of mannnnny others that are on the app! Interested? Reach out to Meghan through Instagram – she loves answering questions and is very


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I have never really had a serious interest in the whole DNA kit thing. It would be interesting to know where your ancestors are from but I didn’t really care to pay money to know that kind of information. I’m pretty sure I’m European and that’s enough for me.

But then a family member told me about 23andMe which also has a DNA health component that includes reports about genetic health risks, carrier status, wellness, and traits that are linked to your DNA. Now that interests me more. Especially to know if I have variants related to health conditions I might have or things I could potentially pass on. No, I’m not pregnant but that is something I would want to know eventually so why not go ahead and find out?! Most insurance companies do not completely cover this testing even when you are pregnant so you have to pay for it eventually if this is information you want to know.

So I did it! I got a discount code and ordered my kit. It came in a nice little box and had everything I needed. And by everything I mean a tube to spit in. There are clear instructions. Spit in the tube (don’t eat or drink for 30 minutes), seal it up and release whatever preservatives keep it fresh, seal it back in the box, and ship it back.

Then you use the bar code to register your tube with your account and you wait. In the meantime, you can take surveys online that also link to your account and DNA so researchers can use it to have even more accurate information about DNA and genetics. I work in research so of course I did all of this – but it is optional. You can also track where your DNA is in the analysis process.

research23andme tracking

It took 17 days from the day I put it in the mail to get my results back, which I didn’t think was that long and it was earlier than the ‘expected’ date. You can see everything online, of course, and there is a lot to go through!

My ancestry was not at all surprising. I’m very European (99.5%). And if you’ve seen me or know me you would not be surprised either. I guess the breakdown was kind of interesting, but again, nothing surprising.

23andme ancestry

The health information was very informative. You HAVE to remember though that this is not diagnostic at all or a guarantee of anything to happen. You can use it as a springboard to talk to your doctor about anything concerning. Luckily, I have nothing concerning.  There were a couple variants of health conditions that were detected, but nothing that I am at an actual risk of developing. Then there are carrier status reports – genetic variants that could affect your children’s health. No variants detected there! But this includes things like cystic fibrosis, sickle cell anemia, and 42 other conditions I have never heard of.


The last reports are related to how DNA may affect your body’s response to diet, exercise, and sleep, and the genetics behind your appearance and senses. For example, I am predisposed to weigh about average. I apparently also have a muscle composition common in elite power athletes so it looks like I squandered that one! As far as traits, some are true for me and some are not. My report says I have “slightly higher odds of disliking cilantro” (yes, this is genetic), but I love cilantro. However, I am likely to have blue or green eyes (check), straight or wavy hair (check), and be bitten more often than others by mosquitoes (big check). It’s amazing what they can predict using genetics!


I thought this was all very cool information. Luckily there’s nothing serious health-wise that I need to be concerned about right now, so some might say it was a waste of money, but I don’t feel that way. Let me know if you are interested in this and I’ll send you a referral code! They have the Health + Ancestry or just the Ancestry options. Think about it!

Use my referral link for a minimum of 10% off – or if there is a better deal happening you’ll get the better deal and I’ll still get the referral!

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My Sister’s Keeper by Jodi Picoult

This book had a great variety of issues about family conflict, sickness, love, and morality.  It tells a story about a young teenage girl who is tired of being a lab rat to treat her sister’s rare cancer.  I cannot imagine, even as an adult, having to make a decision that could possibly tear your own family apart, as well as possibly cause a sibling’s death. Or to be in the mother’s shoes, wanting to do what is best for all your children, yet hurting at least one no matter what decision you make. It is not completely serious, either, as there is comic relief by certain characters and their interactions.

The format the author uses is totally unique. By writing each chapter from a different character’s point of view, the reader has the chance to see all sides of the story and relate to all the characters. I would definitely recommend this for a great summer read!

My Sister's Keeper