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Lands End

2 hikes down – 2 to go (30 before 30)! I honestly just figured I’d do all my hikes in Georgia, or at least the southeast. But I was obviously not thinking out of the box.

Last weekend a friend and I made a visit to San Francisco. Another friend from college moved there about 6 months ago giving us the perfect excuse to head out west. San Fran in July is beautiful – blue skies, breeze off the water, and we brought some warmer weather with us from the east [actually everyone there kept talking about how hot is was….at 76 degrees]. 🙂

We wanted a hike and breathtaking views and we for sure found them. Lands End is at the northwest corner of San Fran – the edge of the continent (wrap your mind around that). Winding and hilly paths, every turn a beautiful view of the cliffs and the Golden Gate Bridge. If you’re in San Fran I highly recommend it.

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Kennesaw Mountain

One hike down, 3 hikes to go (30 Before 30, #1)! Kennesaw Mountain National Battlefield Park is just north of Atlanta and my friend lives close to there. We have tried for a few months to hike the mountain, but finally fit it, along with my friend visiting from Nashville! It’s a beautiful park with lots of shady trails. It’s about a mile up, not too difficult, and the view from the top is awesome. It was also cool to be there on Memorial Day and read the Civil War historical markers and information (yes, I actually read them). Easy day trip (or part-day trip) from downtown!