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Whole30 Cheat

Hi, my name is Katy and I blatantly cheated on my Whole30 and I am ok with it. There was never going to be a full 30 days that I didn’t have some excuse to not do it. So I just went with January, knowing that I had already signed up for my favorite race of the year: the Hot Chocolate 5K. I’ve done it every year it has been in Atlanta and the whole point of racing (aside from the sweet sweatshirt) is the amazing treat at the end of the race – hot chocolate and chocolate fondue with all the dip-ins.

My Whole30 is not a full lifestyle change – I’ve known that from the start. It is to reset my habits and get used to leaving some things out a majority of the time. Perfect example: sweets. The goal is to only have sweets for the occasional treat – which is exactly what this was. And it actually worked really well – I had some chocolate, was completely satisfied and had no desire to keep eating it (as I normally would have)! I’d call it a success!

If you haven’t checked out the sweetest race, I highly recommend it.


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Hot Chocolate

Typically, you wouldn’t think running and chocolate would go together – but the geniuses at RAM Racing thought they should, and it couldn’t have been a better idea.  It’s a 15K and 5K.  Last year, I did the 15K with a group and it immediately became my favorite race. Now last year, it was about 60 degrees (don’t forget, this is a January race) and this year it was about 40 degrees at start time.  Luckily, that was a heat wave here compared to the past few weeks. I did the 5K this year and, despite the pain in my cold fingers, it was just as much fun. Totally worth getting up at 5am and running 3 miles to get a plastic mug full of hot chocolate and chocolate fondue with marshmallow, banana, wafers, pretzels, and a rice krispie treat for dippin. Oh and you get a really awesome performance hoodie. AND part of the proceeds from the race help support the Atlanta Ronald McDonald House, where I’ve been volunteering for a little over a month now!

Sweet swag + running + chocolate = win.

Oh – and count it! I’m making some good progress on the 30 Before 30 list!