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March Reads Part 1

I had a good mix of books this month but never got around to writing about any of them – where in the world did March go?! So here are the first 3 I read this month. Check them out and let me know what you think!

The Jetsetters by Amanda Eyre Ward was ok. It’s the story of a family who stays in touch but does not communicate very well and the mother decides they all need to go on a international cruise together. They don’t talk about the past or really anything personal even though things are always looming over their heads. Needless to say, the trip does not go well. I really just felt sorry for everyone in the story and also felt very thankful for my family. It was a quick read and easy to get through (nothing to really focus on or think about) so if you just need something to get you by this summer, check it out!

Majesty by Katharine McGee is the second book in her American Royals series and it was just as entertaining as the first, American Royals. America has it’s first queen but Beatrice has the biggest adjustment of all as she tries to navigate a man’s world of being in charge while also trying to please everyone. Imagine that! There is of course family drama, friend and relationship drama, and no missing the hints of how paparazzi functions in real life when it comes to a royal family. These are just entertaining books, especially if you like or are intrigued by royals. This is obviously fiction but there’s enough out there now about royal families that it’s not too far from the truth. But definitely the first book before reading this one!

Next I did a complete 180 and went to The Whisper Man by Alex North. This one was better than his other I read, The Shadows, but still left a little to be desired. When Tom’s wife dies, he has a lot of trouble connecting with his son. They move to a new house but soon learn of strange things happening both at the house and in their new town. Specifically, children are being targeted again, just like what happened decades earlier. It was a little predictable but I appreciated that it was not drawn out and was over and done pretty quickly. If you like a creepy book that you can maybe figure out and isn’t too long, this might be the one for you!

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American Royals

This was a great, lighthearted read, which was much needed. American Royals by Katharine McGee is a creative fictional story about a royal family and succession to the throne. But it is not exactly what you would expect. This royal family is not British, but American. When the US won their independence from England, they set up the country as a monarchy, like England. And the Washingtons became the royal family.

The story follows the King, Beatrice, the eldest daughter and heir to the throne (the first female to hold that position), Samantha and Jefferson, the twin children of the King, and their crazy life of friends, guards, parties, papparazzi, and expectations. There are definitely elements of the real life British royal family woven into the storyline, which I thought was interesting albeit slightly confusing. If you’ve watched The Crown you’ll see what I mean. If you haven’t watched it, this book will make you want to watch it.

The story was very entertaining but really leaves you hanging at the end. I guess that’s a good thing for McGee since the next book is supposed to be released later this year. If you like all things royal or just need a light, easy read, check it out! And enjoy!