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March Reads Part 2

Last 3 books finished in March! I’ve now read 15 books this year and would say that puts me on track to finish my goal of 50 – fingers crossed!

Behind the Red Door by Megan Collins was another ok thriller. I really just wanted to yell at all the characters the entire book. When a woman goes missing for the second time in her life, Fern gets the feeling that she knows something or is somehow connected to the missing woman. But you can’t discount the fact that she still deals with trauma from her childhood thanks to her parents’ interesting parenting choices. Overall the book is pretty predictable, though there are some surprises. It was a quick read and the end is a little redeeming for some of the characters.

Before I Let You Go by Kelly Rimmer was very different from her historical fiction novel that I loved. Lexie gets a call at 2am from her sister Annie, an addict who she has not heard from in 2 years. Answering that calls completely changes her life and puts her on a legal and emotional path that I can’t imagine anyone would deal with well. Especially after the challenging childhood the sisters had. Again, I had trouble connecting with any of characters but then ending tied up everything neatly.

And last was Ask Again, Yes by Mary Beth Keane. Maybe I’m just picking the wrong book genres right now but I thought this one was a little boring. It picked up some about 3/4 of the way through, but in general was pretty dry. It’s the story of two neighboring families who, throughout many years, are dealing with issues within each of their own families but also between the two families. It addresses issues that many families deal with – mental health, addiction, health crises – and felt like it was not too fantastical about how a family might deal with those issues.

Ultimately I didn’t really LOVE any of my March books, so I’m going to work on picking some better genres in April and also work through the stack of physical books I have in my to-read pile now that I have a book light to use at night. A lot of my reading is done now, in pregnancy, when I’m not able to sleep, so my Kindle has been key to reading in the middle of the night!

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The Absurdity Of It

I won another free book through Goodreads giveaways and I don’t always read the synopsis of those books before I read them. And this one I definitely should have. The Absurdity Of It by Sophie Adam was more like a person’s running thought process throughout her life. It was very strange at first, but once I was used to the format, I enjoyed it. There are very little details provided as far as exact locations, years, age of the main character, so that was also interesting. But it was fascinating to see this person’s life from her own head: trying to figure things out, making her own way in life, deciding if she will go along with the status quo, and deciding what makes her happy.

It is definitely the most unique book I have ever read, and although I probably would not have picked it up if I hadn’t gotten a free copy, I’m glad I read it and would recommend it!

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The Center of Everything

My second Goodreads free book giveaway! We were able to get to the beach this week and are lucky to have family who lives on a beautiful, noncrowded beach within driving distance. One day we were literally the only people on the beach. But I had plenty of time to fly through this book on the beach and on the drive back.

The Center of Everything by Jamie Harrison is definitely a slower pace, which was different since I am used to reading thriller/suspense and historical fiction that have a lot of action. So although it’s good to switch it up something, it still felt slow and boring at times. Polly, the main character, had a recent head trauma in an accident and has a big week. It’s a holiday week in July during which she is also hosting a huge family party. Her head injury makes it difficult to focus but also brings about memories from childhood in much more vivid detail than usual. And those memories bring about a lot of questions leading up to the family party and seeing so many family members. There is also a bit of a mystery as a secondary story since in the same week, a local girl, who babysits for Polly, goes missing on the river.

Overall the story was fine, but definitely not my usual read. It rambled on at times and jumped from one thought to another, which was maybe on purpose to reflect the main character’s current state of mind. I think my giveaway copy was an early release, so check it out when it’s released! Also not sure how the title fits in – she mentions ‘the center of everything’ once in the book but I can’t remember what it was in reference to…maybe her mother? Her family? If I don’t know after reading the whole book, perhaps a different title would have been better.