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Social Media Return

Well, Lent is almost over and my return to social media looms on the horizon. But I’m going to be honest…I’m not that excited about it. I’m not not excited…I’m just kind of indifferent at this point. It’s been nice to have one less thing to think about and waste time on. I know social media isn’t all bad – I love seeing the fun things people are doing and seeing my adorable nephew (on my sis-in-law’s witty posts). I also love posting things – I love pictures and being able to look back at pictures and Timehop. I am a recovering scrapbooker – ok not really, I haven’t done any actual scrapbooks in years (like the print out pictures, cut them out, cut out letters, design a page). But I have transitioned to the world of digital photobooks for specific trips. And social media is kind of my digital scrapbook now, especially since I (like most people) don’t or can’t keep every photo I take on my phone. I still took plenty of pics sans being able to post them anywhere…

Very timely with this decision was my small group starting Sandra Stanley’s Comparison Trap devo. We’re halfway through and I love it. Although it’s not necessarily brand new stuff we’ve never heard, it’s a great reminder of who we are as women and the pitfalls of constantly comparing ourselves, which is especially easy through social media. It’s a 4-week series with a quick daily devotion (literally 5 minutes a day) and a weekly video. There’s an app so you can watch the videos without having to buy the DVD – great to do on your own or with a group! And my group talks a lot about comparison through social media – look at the photos above, or at my Facebook or Instagram feed, and my life may seem fun or interesting or busy. But those photos above are from 40 days. I didn’t take pictures of the 30 days of sitting at home alone, eating popcorn (for dinner), binge watching Fuller House (amazing, by the way). But actually, I’m perfectly content with that life. Most of the time. But you get what I’m saying.

Although social media is not the only way we compare ourselves to others, it plays a big role, and like I said in my last update, there comes a kind of freedom and self-contentment being off of social media. And when you think of what today, Good Friday, represents, you really can’t complain about sacrificing social media. My plan is to maybe not put all the apps back on my phone. I do actually need Facebook for communication and promos with some groups I’m a part of, but I don’t necessarily need it to be accessible 24/7. So we’ll see. This was a very good and rewarding challenge and I think everyone should do it at some point. Even for a month, which is shorter than Lent! At least think about it – I really don’t think you’ll regret it.

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Social Media Freedom

If you missed the explanation post, I gave up social media for Lent this year. It’s been 3 weeks and let me tell you…..I feel FREE.


Ok, maybe freedom from servitude and itty bitty living space isn’t exactly the same feeling. But it’s a pretty great feeling. It really is freeing to not constantly be checking my phone, worrying about what everyone else is up to, and trying to make my life look perfect. Believe me, it is far from perfect. And this has been surprisingly easy, though not a total piece of cake. The hardest part has definitely been breaking the habit of constantly picking up my phone to check Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. Well, that, and missing photos and videos of the most adorable nephew ever.

My desire to post photos has not really been curbed at all because I have done some fun stuff lately, especially attending a beautiful wedding last weekend. In all honesty, though, no one is missing those pictures (except maybe my mom, who just likes to keep up with my life because she cares).

I’m not to the point yet where I want to rid myself completely of the social media handcuffs, but I think I will at least not put the Facebook app back on my phone. That will at least help with the time wasted scrolling down my news feed and caring too much about what is being posted.

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Social Media Break

Lent definitely snuck up on me this year. I realized late yesterday that today is Fat Tuesday. But I had been thinking a little about what I would do (or not do, as it may be) for lent this year and social media was continuously put on my heart. I am of the belief that social media is not pure evil, but can definitely be used for good as well as bad. And that our society has become obsessed with it. I am especially guilty of not only spending too much time on social media, but also using social media in unhealthy ways. I’ll admit that I use it to make my life seem as fun and interesting as possible. I use it to compare my life and myself to others. I use it judge others lives and opinions. And these are all things I am not proud of doing and things I do not want dominating my life.

So I am taking a break. 40 days. Well, technically 46, because I think cheating on Sundays is cheating. I know this will not be easy. I love seeing pictures and posts to keep up with friends and family. I love posting pictures and documenting life. And I know that this has become the cliché lent thing to do, but it’s actually something I have been considering doing anyway. My goal is to come out with a healthier relationship with social media, have better priorities for my own life, and better time management habits. Or maybe – gasp – I won’t miss it at all and will never return! Not likely, but hey, you never know.

I will still be here, on my blog, so feel free to keep up with my life and social media-less journey here. I only ask that if we are friends and something important happens in your life or if there is an event happening, you contact me via other means (I will still use the Facebook Messenger app since that is just messages). And feel free to text or email any pictures my way that I would otherwise love seeing via Facebook and Instagram. 🙂



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Surprise, surprise – guess what I gave up this year? I know it’s kind of lame to give up the same thing, every single year (really, this is going on at 5 years I think), but it really is significant to me every year. Sweets. I probably have the biggest sweet tooth of anyone I know. I actually have a second stomach for sweets – it doesn’t matter how full I am, I can still stomach something sweet. And I’m not really picky – there are favorites, definitely, but anything will really do – ice cream, candy, chocolate, brownies, cookies……

And it’s not healthy. I’m no nutritionist, but I’m pretty sure it’s not healthy to eat sweets every day. And I’m pretty much in the regular habit of eating sweets regularly. Some days, it may just be a couple jolly ranchers from the candy jar at work. But no matter the daily amount, the habit is bad. And it doesn’t help that I love to bake.

So I give it all up every year for Lent. One week in and I’m still having cravings. It fades pretty quickly, but it does seem a little more difficult then I remember it being in the past (though I would not rely on my memory to heavily) – frequent cravings and sweets around me. But that is the whole point of Lent, is it not?  To deny ourselves something that is difficult to give up – to break bad habits. Though we will never fully understand what Jesus lost for us – his earthly life – I believe it is a good practice every year, even if it is the same thing every year. For me, it is a different experience every year. The rest of my life, other things I struggle with, change and that affects my experience every year. Especially when sweets are typically what I use to cope with the things life brings (also not healthy).

So for everyone practicing Lent, happy denying!

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Ash Wednesday

According to Wikipedia (obviously the most reliable resource), Lent , in Christian tradition, is the period of the liturgical year, leading up to Easter. The traditional purpose of Lent is the preparation of the believer — through prayer, penitence, almsgiving and self-denial — for the annual commemoration during Holy Week of the Death and Resurrection of Jesus, which recalls the events linked to the Passion of Christ and culminates in Easter, the celebration of the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Honestly, to me, Lent has never been more than a time when you were supposed to give something up. I only really succeeded once, when, in high school (I think), I gave up soda, and proceeded to not drink soda for another 8ish years. I want this year to be different. Yes, I am giving up two things, but I am hoping it is for actual reasons. I have many reasons for wanting to deny myself things I am accustomed to. First, I want to get in the habit of asking God for help when I need it, instead of depending on myself, others, or just luck. Second, I feel pretty worthless not having a job and not being able to accomplish goals on a regular basis, so this will be a huge personal goal and a challenge. Third, my hope is that giving up these things will make me feel better overall, physically, mentally, spiritually.

So what am I giving up, already?!

1. Sweets.

I know this is SOOO cliche, but you will be hard pressed to find someone with a bigger sweet tooth than me. I crave them. I need them. I have attempted many years to give up sweets for Lent but have yet to succeed. It always coincided with Spring Break, vacation, and Girl Scout Cookies. I also think that all that processed sugar is awful for my body, especially since I am training for a half marathon. So out it goes! I know that if I can make it at least 3 days the cravings will decrease significantly, but it will take a lot of prayer to make it ’til Easter (and hopefully I don’t drown myself in chocolate that day….)

2. Beer.

Yes, I like beer. And no, I don’t drink that much of it to begin with. But it really is not a necessary part of my diet or life. I really only have them at TOT once a week or at a party/gathering and everyone else is drinking it. This one is also more of a diet thing because it is just unnecessary calories. But it will take some effort because it’s a habit at those TOT meetings and almost everyone else gets some. Not to mention it will save me money, which I don’t have much of!

All in all, I am cutting out a couple things that I not NEED. I will survive without ice cream, even though Sweet CeCe’s is within walking distance from my house. I pray that I use this season to reflect on my life and see what is missing. What don’t I need? What is missing? And fix it.