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Nine Perfect Strangers

Most of you probably know Liane Moriarty, either because you’ve read her books or because you’ve watched or heard HBO’s series Big Little Lies. I’m pretty sure I was the only person I knew that didn’t like the show….even among friends who had also read the book. Similar to author Jodi Picoult, I read a number of Moriarty’s books at one time then took a break. But I recently picked up her newest.

Nine Perfect Strangers is, once again, set in Australia, where a group of nine people gather at a health resort for a ten day retreat. You are introduced to some of the characters before they all converge on Tranquillum House but the title is a little misleading. Not all nine of the characters are strangers to each other – there is a married couple as well as a family (the parents and daughter). But I guess that is just semantics.

These strangers come together and begin the retreat in silence, but as the days go on, everyone realizes the director has some very strange methods. Everything comes to a head when the guests discover [spoiler alert] that they have been drugged slowly throughout their stay but when they discover this they are all locked in the yoga/meditation room. Obviously this was completely unethical and illegal. The end of the story goes through their attempts to get out, the director’s whole plan and reasoning for her methods, and then how they get out. It is all wrapped up in a nice little bow at the end and you even get updates on the characters years later. So really every little thread is taken care of, which I can appreciate.

This was a quick and interesting read – definitely good for summer. There were a wide array of characters and personalities, which kept me engaged. Hope you enjoy it!

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Truly Madly Guilty

I love Liane Moriarty’s books and Truly Madly Guilty is her newest. I waiting a while on the waitlist to get it and it did not disappoint. I did think it was a little slower to get going than her other books I’ve read. The whole books revolves around one night and something that happened, but it takes most of the book to learn what that something was. And that something had a profound effect on numerous families, relationships, and life plans. I’ll leave you hanging at that. But the characters were pretty complex each with their own issues and unique relationships between each other. It’s a great summer/pool/beach read for anyone starting their travels soon. But be prepared to buy it or wait for a while!

According to my Goodreads dashboard, I’m 5 books behind towards meeting my goal for the year. Guess that means an extra effort to get to the pool all summer!!

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The Husband’s Secret

I should have estimated my reading pace a little better – I am already 80% done with my Goodreads reading challenge for this year and just halfway through the year. I’ve never really tracked my reading, so I had no idea. I’ll just have to make it a real challenge next year.

The last two books I read were more serious and both a little depressing, so I was in need of a good, light-hearted summer read. My friend just so happened to give me The Husband’s Secret by Liane Moriarty when she finished it. We had read another of Moriarty’s books for book club earlier this year and loved it, so I jumped right into it. Although it is not necessarily light-hearted, it was a good summer read. Numerous families and characters, dealing with different issues, whose lives intertwine. Murder, loss, infidelity, societal expectations – just some of the things you’ll find in this book. I read it in about a week and a half. Quick, easy, entertaining read. Perfect for the pool, beach, or summer travel. And I’ve heard from numerous people that all of Moriarty’s books are great, so really you can’t go wrong!


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Big Little Lies

Although I am not big on resolutions, I have set a goal to read 20 books this year. And I’m using Goodreads to track my books now – I realize it’s been around a while, but I just started using it and like it! So my first book of the year is down!

Big Little Lies by Liane Moriarty is chick lit at its best, especially if you have kids. The focus of the book is one event, but you don’t know what actually happens until the end, but she keeps you guessing. And even though you get details from both before and after said event, you still don’t know exactly what happens until the perfect moment. And I’d be surprised if anyone could guess the big revelation that is discovered. Having worked with both kids and parents in various settings, I can appreciate the different personalities and clashing parenting styles and opinions. If cliques and gossip and cattiness completely enrage you, I would not recommend this book. This should, however, be a fun book club discussion in a couple weeks.

This was an entertaining and quick read. I’m excited to read more of her books!