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Burger Up

I took  my parents along on my quest to dine at 10 new Nashville restaurants (#51 on my 101 list). Friday night we went to Burger Up in the 12th South neighborhood. It was eclectic, delicious, and flavorful. They have the coolest restaurant story around: Currently, 10 Tennessee farms are represented on our menu.  Seasonally that number may fluctuate a bit.  You have no idea how proud I am to encourage thoughtful consuming!  You could visit either the Franklin Farmer’s Market or Nashville Farmer’s Market and recreate a vast majority of our menu. (from Burger Up website). That creates a freshness that is apparent in every bite. I had the Portobello Burger which was juicy and mouthwatering. We also had fried pickles as an appetizer….and again,, fresh homemade pickles (or at least they tasted like homemade).

I would definitely recommend Burger Up but get there early if you don’t want to wait forever!