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Luke Bryan

I have an affinity for a wide range of music, and that include country music. To be honest, I love country music. But I realize not everyone does…in fact, it’s usually a love or hate genre. I am nice though – I ask, when you get in my car, if you like country and if you say no, I’ll change the station. Unless you judge me, then you will be forced to listen. But I especially love Luke Bryan. He has a great voice, songs that never get old, is attractive (that smile…), and actually seems pretty down-to-earth. I’m very sad that I’ll be out of town when his tour comes through in a couple weeks, so I’ll just keep him on repeat on Spotify at work and catch him on satellite radio as much as possible.

I seriously love every song….so I closed my eyes and clicked on a video. Hope this makes your Monday a little better, like it does mine, and if not, go listen to whatever music you love to get your day/week started on the right foot!