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#13. Massage

Massages were a very foreign thing to me growing up. I had my first about a year and a half ago – maybe 2 – and it was pretty fantastic. Fortunately for my checking account, I don’t dwell much on treating myself to nice things like that. But it’s a good practice every now and then. A while ago, there was a great deal on Living Social to Center of Symmetry, so Meghan and I each bought an hour-long massage, as it is one of my 101 items. It took us about 6 months to finally use it, but we did. And it was fabulous. My third massage ever, and the third masseuse to be completely baffled by the number and size of knots in my back. Oops. Believe me, if I could afford to go regularly I would. But for now, a very rare treat works great. And it couldn’t have come at a better time. Funny side note – my masseuse talked like Napoleon Dynamite AND had a lisp……..really. He was great though. Really.

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Relax to the Max

KHP Day 10

Today’s joy was too easy. For years I have said that I was going to get a massage and I even scheduled one one time with a friend for us just to go and find out they had closed the spa. Talk about strange! Anyway, I’m not really sure why now was a good time, other than that it was in between super busy weekends, but I decided I just needed to schedule it and go. So I did! And talk about enjoyable. I literally thought about nothing for an hour and it was better than fabulous. I have knots in my shoulders like whoa, so those definitely feel better, but honestly, I could have had him rub just my neck for at least 30 minutes. Now I only wish I can find a job that pays enough so I can justify going at least every now and then……

I’d totally recommend it and now think that no woman, or man even, should live their whole life without a massage. I went to Massage Envy (which is a national chain) and although I feel like the more expensive spa might do an even better job, for a girl who’s looking for a simple hour of complete relaxation, it was perfect. (Now if we could just get them to open one a little closer to downtown…..)

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