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#17. Drive-In

This was my last cross-off before the end of my 30 before 30 list! Sure, it may have been one of the easiest things on the list, but it took some time and effort to actual plan and do haha. My friend and I headed to south Atlanta to check out the Starlight Drive-In Theater and I’d say we did it pretty darn well considering neither of us had been before. This is up there for one of my favorite things I did on my list.

We stopped at Fresh Market and picked up dinner (salads), snacks (pumpkin popcorn), dessert (giant cupcakes), and wine. I had no idea how crowded it would be – I know it’s a zoo in the summer – but the weather was cooler and it was a Friday night. So we were the second car there when we got there….but it gave us plenty of time to get settled. We set up a pretty sweet and comfy pallet in the back of my Jeep. The weather was perfect for this semi-outdoor outing. The audio was so-so (tuned through the radio) and there are lots of distractions – cars driving by, people turning their lights on and off – so I wouldn’t try this seeing a movie that requires close attention. But I thought it was way more enjoyable than sitting in a stiff movie theater.

I highly recommend this for a group outing (take multiple cars and park next to each other) or a date. They are open year-round so pack your blankets and get cozy!

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I am positive this is the MOST intense movie I have ever watched. At least in Titanic there were happy and light parts. I don’t remember hearing about The Impossible when it came out in 2012. And I have no idea how it ended up on my Netflix queue. But here it arrived in my mail!

Naomi Watts and Ewan McGregor portray a family with 3 sons who are vacationing in Thailand in 2004 when the massive tsunami hit. Do not watch this movie if you have a weak stomach or while you are eating (as I mistakingly did). It was at least 30 minutes of spiked blood pressure and tears. ¬†Also don’t watch if you don’t like crying. And it is not a good date movie.

BUT it was really good. This is a real family who was caught in the tsunami. It’s always harder to watch these movies, knowing that it was an actual event. And although we will never completely understand what these people experienced, this movie is a very dramatic and I’m guessing a somewhat accurate portrayal. It all did seems to happen very quickly – which I’m guessing was maybe not the case during a major disaster – then again, maybe it did all happen quickly! I’ll have to research the true story. I cannot describe the emotions I experienced throughout this movie. I don’t want to give anything away – but I highly recommend this movie if you think you can handle it.



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#38 Eat, Pray, Love (completed)

I quickly found a friend to go see the movie with last weekend to help me complete #38 on my 101 list! I was pleasantly surprised. The movie was not awful or completely disappointing, as most book-to-movies that I see. I felt that the screenplay included most of the important aspects of the book, but obviously without the super-specific detail, which I was expecting to not be there. The screenplay could have worked in some of the more intense, raw emotion that was portrayed in the book. When dealing with someone’s true story, a book is just better. Hands down. There were a few changes to the actual story-line that I didn’t really like, but as a stand-alone movie it was good. Just not quite as inspirational as the book. I obviously have never met Elizabeth Gilbert, but based on my impression of her after reading the book, Julia Roberts did a great job of depicting her in the movie.

Reading the book made me want to travel (especially to Italy), but the movie solidified it even more. At some point in my life, I want to take a long trip, maybe 3-4 months and live somewhere else. And Italy might be my first choice.

Even if you haven’t read the book yet, go see the movie. But read the book eventually.