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New Christmas Songs

Buckhead Church does some pretty great openers – some funny, all entertaining – and last weekend was no exception. They wrote some new Christmas songs to appeal to some new groups. It never hurts to mix things up a bit, right? There are 3 (not full songs) – and the last one is by far the best. Hope everyone is having a joyful, non-stressful holiday season!

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Tim Halperin

Last week was really the concert of the year for me with two of my favorite musicians (and the meet and greet was so fun). So it was no surprise that the opener, Tim Halperin, was just as great. I had listened to him a little before the show, but I was really impressed with his live performance. He’s great on the keyboard and has a smooth sound that flows easily from poppy tunes to chill acoustic. This should get your toe tappin’ on a Monday morning!