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Les Misérables

#20 from my 30 before 30 list is done: see 2 new plays/musicals! I try to find fun things for my mom and I to do together around town – painting, pottery, wine tasting, shows, etc. And her birthday needed to be extra special. We both LOVE the movie Les Misérables but I had never seen the stage production. And luckily the local professional theater, Aurora, was doing it on her birthday!

The story is such a huge production – so many settings, locations, time spanned – I was curious as to how it would come across on a stage, especially a smaller one. And let me tell you – I was completely blown away. Since it’s a professional theater, the talent was amazing. But it’s a small theater so it’s an intimate show. If you’re in Atlanta or east of the city, I highly recommend any show at the Aurora Theater – the couple of times I’ve been there have both been great. Les Mis is still one of my favorite shows, movies, and soundtracks and I’m so glad I got to see it with my mom!





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The Book of Mormon

I feel like I’m blowing through things on my 30 Before 30 list! I love going to shows – especially new ones – and I’m lucky to have a friend who got tickets for Christmas to The Book of Mormon at The Fox! It’s actually rare that I see a show that I know almost nothing about and don’t know any of the music from, but I had never heard anything but great things about this show.

It’s definitely not a family-friendly show. And I can see why some people would be offended by some of the content (it was written by the writers of South Park, after all). But if you’re not easily offended and have a laid-back sense of humor, you’ll love this show.



Drowsy Chaperone

It’s not often that I see a show that I know nothing about – though my roomie and musical theater friends in Nashville always introduced me to new ones – but I do usually enjoy seeing brand new shows. Mom and I went to the Aurora Theater to see The Drowsy Chaperone. I may have seen a few numbers from this show (OC members – did y’all do this one season??) but really had no recollection of the plot or tunes.

But it was fantastic. Very entertaining and funny. And the performers were great also (as it is the only professional theater in our county). And although the Fox Theater is grand, shows in smaller venues are just more personal. If you’re in Atlanta, I’d highly recommend Aurora. And if you’re into musical theater even the slightest bit, I’d recommend The Drowsy Chaperone.

#42 complete on the 101 list!

Drowsy Chaperone

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Mary Poppins

#42 on my 101 list is to see a few stage shows or musicals that I’ve never seen. I love shows, but they can be a little pricey. I’m not sure I would complete this one if I hadn’t moved home with a mama who also loves shows. Last week we ventured to the Fox Theater to see Mary Poppins! I was excited because I love the movie – I, however, had not thought about the fact that it would be different than the movie as the stage production is based on the book!

It was a great show – just had some additional songs and a little different order. The general storyline was a little different also. But all the classics were there – the dancing was great and the kids who played Michael and Jane were amazing. I definitely recommend it – just don’t expect your classic, happy-go-lucky Mary Poppins.


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Spring Awakening

Last weekend a small group of us went to see Spring Awakening at TPAC. I always forget how much I enjoy going to shows. It also means I am two new shows away from crossing off #42 on my 101 list!

The show is kind of hard to describe or explain and I wouldn’t do it justice….so I’m going to share what some of the actual reviews had to say:

The winner of 8 Tony Awards, including Best Musical – told by Duncan Sheik and Steven Sater through “the most gorgeous Broadway score this decade” (Entertainment Weekly) – Spring Awakening explores the journey from adolescence to adulthood with poignancy and passion you will never forget.

The landmark musical Spring Awakening is an electrifying fusion of morality, sexuality and rock & roll that is exhilarating audiences across the nation like no other musical in years.

Join this group of late 19th century German students on their passage as the navigate teenage self-discovery and coming of age anxiety in a powerful celebration of youth and rebellion in the daring, remarkable Spring Awakening.

“Broadway may never be the same again!”  NY Times

It is definitely a unique and entertaining musical. I would absolutely recommend seeing it, but be warned that if it were a movie, it would earn an R rating. Not exactly a family-friendly show or for those who are easily offended. Great show, though.

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I have always loved going to shows. One of my favorite birthdays was I think around age 8 when my parents took some friends and I to the Fox Theater in Atlanta to see Beauty and the Beast. We sat on the very last row in the balcony and could not really see a thing, but it was wonderful! Since then, I try to go to shows whenever I can. Musicals, theater, Stomp, whatever! And luckily, I have many friends now that enjoy shows and are in shows!

Last night we went to the Boiler Room in Franklin to see Sunday in the Park with George. I had never seen the show and only knew that very basic premise: that it was based on the painter George Seurat and his painting of “A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of Ja Grande Jatte”. The story was interesting, with the first act in the past for the creation of the painting, and the second act in the present with George’s great-grandson creating a variation on his theme. The cast was very talented and the music was unique. If you have time and are in the area, I recommend it!

Georges Seurat-A Sunday Afternoon on the Island of La Grande Jatte