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My First Tri

My friend and I decided we wanted to do something awesome this year. So what crazy idea did we come up with?? A sprint triathlon. Yes, crazy. I have not ridden a bike since…hm….maybe middle school? I have not swam an actual swimming stroke since 5th grade.  So obviously this was a great idea.

I started training in March for an early June race.  Prior to that, of course, I had to stock up on a few small items to prepare – you know, a bike…a swim cap…goggles (and that was just the start).  The first day I jump into the swimming pool I almost quit right then and there, convinced that I would easily drown in seconds in a lake.  After a few swims, though, I actually began to enjoy it – it was a nice change from my normal monotonous running.

Riding a bike is not just like riding a bike. It was kind of scary at first, actually.  It was hard work to learn gears, balancing, taking a drink – and I didn’t have clip-in pedals! But I eventually got the hang out it and, again, enjoyed my rides.  I did discover that training rides are ten times more fun when you do them with someone.  And that training at Stone Mountain is always a good idea (so. many. hills).

Race day was exciting – not quite the hype of a half marathon due to the numbers but it was perfect weather. The water was a lovely 70 degrees (or so I heard). There was a slight cloud cover blocking the intense sun.  Overall, it was a fun event. I did not really enjoy the swimming – open water with 36 other people is kind of difficult. I enjoyed the bike and the run but was very happy to cross the finish line and be done.  I didn’t absolutely love doing all three events together – but I could totally see myself (and plan to) still swimming for exercise (in a pool. not a lake.) and doing some bike races. And of course keep running – my favorite.

Unfortunately my time chip didn’t work, so I don’t have official results, but thanks to our wonderful fans, they estimated my total time at about 1 hour 30 minutes, putting me in about 9th place out of 37! Not too shabby!

Next challenge?! Any suggestions?!