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Concert of the Week

This concert has been on the calendar for months. Many months. And it’s finally here. Well, this weekend…but it’s here!!!! If you don’t know Ben Rector you should. And this is obviously not an original song, but it really shows off his talent. And who doesn’t love this song?! He’s one of my Nashville loves of many years who has really hit his stride in the music world. He has sold out the Tabernacle this weekend and that is no small feat.

So start the [gross and rainy where I am] week off right with this fun song covered by Ben Rector. And check him out more when you get a chance!

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New Music

There are a lot of musicians in Nashville – some make it, some don’t. I first met Kelleigh at church – she sang and played with the band for the contemporary service. ¬†Always smiling and super nice to everyone. Her voice could literally bring me to tears, so I wasn’t surprised when she scored a record deal. Here’s her newest hit and video – so cool to hear it on the radio the other day and I LOVE the song!