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Concert of the Week

This concert has been on the calendar for months. Many months. And it’s finally here. Well, this weekend…but it’s here!!!! If you don’t know Ben Rector you should. And this is obviously not an original song, but it really shows off his talent. And who doesn’t love this song?! He’s one of my Nashville loves of many years who has really hit his stride in the music world. He has sold out the Tabernacle this weekend and that is no small feat.

So start the [gross and rainy where I am] week off right with this fun song covered by Ben Rector. And check him out more when you get a chance!

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New Music

There are a lot of musicians in Nashville – some make it, some don’t. I first met Kelleigh at church – she sang and played with the band for the contemporary service.  Always smiling and super nice to everyone. Her voice could literally bring me to tears, so I wasn’t surprised when she scored a record deal. Here’s her newest hit and video – so cool to hear it on the radio the other day and I LOVE the song!


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I love the show Nashville because it combines two things I absolutely love: music and the city of Nashville. All of the actors/actresses sing themselves, but Lennon and Maisy take the cake. They are actual sisters, who actually sing together, and I adore them. I especially loved this song on last week’s episode.

*spoiler alert: don’t watch this if you haven’t watched the episode that aired on Jan. 15 – this is the very last scene of the episode*



So I apologize for the looong delay in posts. A lot has happened in the past few months. I obviously have not completed many 101 items recently, which will come back to bite me come next spring. But I’m hoping I can have time to think about those again in the near future.

Here’s the quick rundown of my recent life. In August I packed up 8 years worth of stuff from Nashville and moved back in with my parents outside of Atlanta. It was bittersweet – excited for something new but extremely sad to leave what had become my home. I started the MSW program at Georgia State and it hasn’t been exactly what I hoped (more on that to come soon).
The good news is, Atlanta is growing on me.  Luckily there were already a few wonderful people here who made it a pretty easy transition into the social scene, so I have not been lacking in things to do.

I started going to boot camp with my friend at Stone Mountain Park – which is minutes from the house and a wonderful place to escape. We spend other days there climbing the mountain and running/walking around the mountain!

view of the city from the top of Stone Mountain

I went to numerous Braves game in a short amount of time with different groups and it was a blast every time (even the last wild card game of the season….)

awesome win for Christen’s first Braves game!

last regular season series

We spent an entire gorgeous day in Piedmont Park playing kickball and volleyball, then went to an awesome concert at The Tabernacle – Grace Potter!!

Grace Potter at The Tabernacle

But I have, of course, already had plenty of great return trips to Nashville for weddings and football!

at Meaghan’s wedding

VU-UF game

VU-Auburn game

Homecoming! VU-UMass

I have also been able to enjoy some wonderful new restaurants. I have met lots of new people and spending time with my parents hasn’t been all that bad 🙂 Nashville will always hold a special place in my heart, but Atlanta isn’t all that bad. And I am especially pumped to celebrate the birthday of my wonderful friend of 19 years!

Will try to not be so sporadic with posting now that I am feeling more settled and am doing lots of cool things in  new city!

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#100. Zoo

We traveled a lot when I was growing up – it was one of the benefits of having a mom who worked in a school and had a similar schedule to ours! Every trip was different and awesome – except for one thing. In every place we visited, we would go to the zoo! I love animals and I love going to the zoo.

So it was strange, that after 7 years in Nashville I have not been to the Nashville Zoo! It was an obvious addition to my 101 list (which I have about a year to finish). It was a gorgeous spring day and 5 of us headed to Grassmere – which actually does not bode well to avoid the throngs of families and kiddos – but they’re cute and entertaining to watch at the exhibits haha. Yes, the kids are as entertaining as the animals. The zoo is fairly small and not the best I’ve visited (especially after growing up in Atlanta), but they had some really cool animals! Definitely glad to make a visit!

Shelbie and I and some zebras

what should we see next?



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The Hermitage

Continuing my quest to find new things to do when my parents are in town, we ended up at The Hermitage – the home of 7th President Andrew Jackson. I am definitely a nerd when it comes to history. I’m not s history buff by any means, but it fascinates me. Most of our family trips (other than beach trips) included visits to historical sites. And I loved it (or at least I remember loving it….maybe my mother remembers differently??).

The Hermitage was fantastic. It was a perfect day to visit, as most of the tour is outside. The house was incredible and the gardens were breath-taking. And yes, I did actually listen to the audio segments explaining everything. I think if I could live for a short time in any era it would have been in times of large dresses, dinner parties, and carriages.We couldn’t take pictures inside, but the tour was great and very informational.

Here are some pics from the day! I also learned that it is the 4th most visited presidential home (behind the White House, Monticello, and Mount Vernon). If you haven’t visited I would definitely recommend it!

The Hermitage (sorry the trees are so grown in - no good view of the front)

Front door


The Jackson's tomb and memorial


mom and dad in the gardens