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Holiday Tunes Analysis

I love Christmas music. Though I refuse to turn it on before Thanksgiving, it plays nonstop from the day after Thanksgiving through Christmas Day (including while running).  I noticed in my car the other day that there were some songs that came up a lot – obviously each a different artist. And since I’m now done with school for 5 weeks and there is a little nerd hidden within me, I’m going to do a little analysis on my Christmas tunes.

Most Versions of a Song

  • The Christmas Song – 8 versions – favorite cover by Ray Charles
  • I’ll Be Home for Christmas – 8 versions – favorite cover by Holly Conlan
  • Blue Christmas – 6 versions – favorite cover by Drew Holcomb & the Neighbors
  • Silent Night – 6 versions – favorite covers by Josh Groban and Sarah McLachlan (couldn’t pick one)
  • Sleigh Ride – 6 versions – favorite cover by Boston Pops (though the Fun. cover is a great modern cover)


2a41dcaePersonal Favorite Song: Baby, It’s Cold Outside – Favorite cover by She & Him (they reverse the roles!! awesome.)





51NAY7KuxOL._SS400_Favorite Compilation Album:  The Hotel Cafe Presents…Winter Songs





nsync-home-for-christmasAlbum that Should Be Embarrassing But I Will Always Love It: N’Sync’s Home for Christmas (that take ‘ya back??)





475457Favorite Original Christmas Song: Mary and Joseph by Dave Barnes





This was a simple analysis and although there were many weaknesses to my methods, the main finding remains that I love Christmas music, new and old. The classics are always great, but I may be slightly biased towards modern artists putting twists on the classics. I can only hope that everyone enjoys theirs holiday tunes as much as I do.

Happy Holidays!!