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Chalk Paint Projects

Pay attention because this is the most DIY you will ever get out of me. I bought a condo about a month ago and have some great pieces of furniture but wanted to update some of it. My brother and sister-in-law recently tried out Annie Sloan Chalk Paint – they loved it and it looked great so I decided to try it out. No sanding, no priming – sounds good to me! They had some leftover Duck Egg Blue color (it doesn’t take much of this to paint anything) which is the color I wanted for my desk anyway, so my mom tested it first on my wine rack when I was out of town one weekend. Easy!

So we plowed on forward. I apologize for the lack of great pictures for the desk – I forgot until we had taken it apart already. But we took it apart, painted it all (2 coats), then waxed it all with the clear wax, and bought new hardware! The wax acts as a sealer though I may go back and use a different sealer on the top since my hot computer sits on top of it. I LOVE how it turned out though.


Tip #1: we painted inside and I have a dog – somehow little dog hairs kept getting into the paint and wax – so beware. We did my second piece at my parent’s house in the garage and did not have any issues with stuff getting into the paint or wax.

Tip #2: we used a old t-shirt to apply the wax instead of the official Annie Sloan wax brush.

Tip #3: we waited overnight to wax on top of the paint


Next up: dining room table. I bought this table many years ago off Craigslist. It didn’t fit in my previous apartment, so it’s been in my parent’s basement – hence the no ‘before’ picture of it together – but here are all the pieces.


After much debate and help from a wonderful woman at Chalk It Up, I decided to go with two colors: Coco for the top and Country Grey for the legs, with dark wax for the detail (getting adventurous). Then she recommended a different sealer for the top since it’s something that will be used a lot.

the goods

the goods

Now none of this would have happened without my mother’s help. She’s a little more DIY-ly inclined than I am. So we took a good part of a weekend and got to work – 2 coats of paint on each piece, letting the paint dry overnight, then my mom clear waxed the legs and we decided to just leave those as they were (no dark wax).



Next we had to figure out a technique for the dark wax. You want to clear wax first, so we did that and let it sit for a couple hours. Then trial and error ensued. The idea is for the dark wax to fill in the detail, then you clear wax away the excess. What worked for us: my mom used a small paint brush (like large art brush size) to put the dark wax on the detail edge, then I came behind with the clear wax and old t-shirt to remove the excess. It actually worked pretty well and I was really happy with how it turned out!


Lastly we sealed the top with General Finishes topcoat (pictured above) using a foam brush (3 coats). Lots of coats of things overall which is why it was no quick project. Then we got it to my condo and put it together. I LOVE it! We may still paint the legs of my chairs but that’s a project for another weekend. Any other chalk paint experiences out there? Any additional tips? Any questions that I may or may not be able to answer?

Tip #4: it will depend on the project and what look you want, but we used a large art brush to apply the dark wax, then still a t-shirt with the clear wax

Tip #5: don’t use wax on a surface that will be used a lot for different purposes (i.e. hot dishes, sweating glasses, potential spills, etc).






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#24. Gift

I like making things and I love giving people gifts – so obviously an item on my 30 before 30 list is to make someone a gift. If you know me, you most likely know that I will be an aunt soon for the first time (probably within a month)!! This was not a difficult gift and not completely handmade, but I wanted to give my sister-in-law (and brother) something they could actually use.

They live near the gulf and love to fish, so the nursery theme is nautical. My sister-in-law and I are also both Delta Gammas – ANCHORS!! So I order 3 wooden anchors and painted them to match the nursery. Not difficult at all, I know, but hopefully they will be cute in the nursery! The striped one was obviously a little more difficult but it was also relaxing to just sit and paint!

Sorry – no pic of all of them together and these pics aren’t very good. I gave her the striped one at a shower then finished the others more recently. I’ll add a picture of them in use once I can get one!

20140306_174051 20140319_210703

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#74. Pottery

I either forgot this was on my 101 list or just forgot to post about it! Oops! For my mom’s birthday back in January, we and her friend went to That Pottery Place. It was a weeknight and we had the place to ourselves! The girl working was very helpful and endured our many questions and some perfectionist tendencies.  Although I was proud of myself as I am nearly as perfectionist as I used to be when these pottery places first were popular. I chose to paint a square plate and mom chose a little heart dish to paint for Valentine’s decor.

We finished painting right as the owner told us they were closing and went back a few days later to pick up our fired pottery. Mom’s heart dish looked awesome and I really liked my plate! Now, to just to have a place to host something so I can use it for entertaining. 🙂

Mom and Lynda painting away

Mom and Lynda painting away


Mommy and me :)

Mommy and me 🙂


Final products!

Final products!