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Game Night

My family played a lot of games growing up and I still love games. Every holiday, when we are together, the nightly question is ‘what are we going to play?!’ Luckily I also have friends who love games, so I like to have a game night every now and then – though it doesn’t happen nearly often enough.

We had game night last weekend and it was, as always, lots of fun. A few treats, sangria, some games and good friends and you have a perfect evening (in my opinion, at least). Of course, the more people the fewer game options. But there are plenty for larger groups. Here are some of my favorites:

Catch Phrase: get your teammates to guess the word or phrase the game console gives you

Apples to Apples: the judge reads a green apple card and players play a card from their hand that matches best. the judge chooses which red card he/she likes as the best match.

Cards Against Humanity: the adult, much more inappropriate version of Apples to Apples

Scene It: play in teams to answer questions about movies, tv, and entertainment

Celebrity: each person writes 2-3 names of celebrities and/or well-known characters. Divide into two teams. Alternate one player from each team, drawing names from the bowl in 3 rounds. First round you can say whatever you want to describe the person/character. Second round you can only say one word. Third round is charades. But it’s the same people/characters each round!

Pictionary: get your team to guess the word by drawing it. Most entertaining when played with a white board.

Does your family play games? What are your favorites?

let the games begin!

let the games begin!

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#76. Stock the Bar

Hosting parties is one of my favorite things – so I was thrilled to host, along with 4 other wonderful ladies, a Stock the Bar party for the lovely bride and groom-to-be, Meghan and Jonathan (and at the same time cross of a last minute 101 item)!  We had a beautiful host home in Nashville, decorated with wine bottles and candles. Add delicious food from all the hostesses and you have a party!

It was a great night to celebrate the couple, spend time with friends, and meet new friends! Congrats Meghan and Jonathan!

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Formerly Known as Kenner Girls

A little over a month after packing and moving from Kenner Ave. to Duncanwood Dr., the formerly known as Kenner Girls finally finished getting furniture arranged, miscellaneous stuff stored away, and decor hung on the walls. We threw a little cookout shindig to celebrate and show off the new place. I didn’t do so well with the taking pictures, but here are a few to paint the picture. It was a success and I finally feel settled into the new place. The new house nickname? D’wood, perhaps? Or just Duncan? The vote is still out officially.

Hangin out

Always kitchen hangin out