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Lunch and a nap on the ship, then we arrived at Patmos! We took tinder boats to shore and hopped on a bus with a wonderful tour guide originally from Germany. Patmos is a cute, small island. We drove up to the Cave of the Apocalypse, where John wrote the book of Revelation and is said to have received the revelation from God while in the cave. On the same site was built the Monastery of Saint John.

We continued up the mountain to Chora, the capital. It has beautiful views of the port and picturesque whitewashed houses. We walked around Chora for a little while, but it got dark pretty quickly. So we drove back down to the port town (Skala). We had a glass of wine with our friends and hung out for a little while before heading back to the ship for dinner.

Although Patmos is very beautiful, I’m not sure I would put it at the top of list for stops you should make. If you have lots of time, definitely check it out or maybe save it for your second, more relaxed trip around Greece!