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The Tenth Circle by Jodi Picoult

This book was another intriguing one from Picoult. The plot was, again, pretty unique, as it incorporated elements of greek history, native legends, modern teenage troubles, and comic books.  Again, the book used points of view from various characters, but written in a different style than My Sister’s Keeper.

A teenage girl falls into the wrong crowd in high school, side-by-side with the school’s star athlete.  But young love never lasts, and before she knows it, Trixie is caught up in alcohol, drugs, and parties, trying to do anything to win his love back.  Things go a little too far, though, and both teenagers end up in crises that no one would wish upon their worst enemies.  Meanwhile, Trixies parents are fighting battles of their own, along with Trixies and trying to make life for the family as normal as possible, which is basically impossible.

It’s a great summer read and I would definitely recommend this, another of Picoult’s works.

The Tenth Circle