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Invisible Girl

This is another of the great book mail sent from my friend and I definitely recommend it. It was a great book that definitely kept me guessing. Invisible Girl is the first book I’ve read by Lisa Jewell (I’m pretty sure) but it will not be the last!

A young girl goes missing and the lives of people distantly connected to her start to intertwine. The characters are all very different personalities and live very different lives, but that does not mean you can judge a book by it’s cover. Saffyre, the young girl, started discovering this for herself as she observed people and, sometimes, followed a little too closely. Which is how she ends up in trouble. I felt strong emotions towards the main characters in the novel, which always makes it a better read. Unless books easily make you have nightmares, definitely check this one out. It wouldn’t say it’s scary, but there is definitely a creep factor, and from more than one angle. Enjoy!

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The Absurdity Of It

I won another free book through Goodreads giveaways and I don’t always read the synopsis of those books before I read them. And this one I definitely should have. The Absurdity Of It by Sophie Adam was more like a person’s running thought process throughout her life. It was very strange at first, but once I was used to the format, I enjoyed it. There are very little details provided as far as exact locations, years, age of the main character, so that was also interesting. But it was fascinating to see this person’s life from her own head: trying to figure things out, making her own way in life, deciding if she will go along with the status quo, and deciding what makes her happy.

It is definitely the most unique book I have ever read, and although I probably would not have picked it up if I hadn’t gotten a free copy, I’m glad I read it and would recommend it!

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The Nightingale

I realize I am about 5 years behind in reading this book, especially considering how much I love historical fiction, but better late than never! And since I’ve loved 2 of the author’s other books it comes as no surprise that I loved this one.

The Nightingale by Kristin Hannah is up there as one of the best historical fiction books I’ve read. It’s 1939 and the Germans are taking over France and tearing families apart. One sister, Vianne, tries to keep her head down and survive in the small town she lives in. The other sister, Isabelle, wants to do everything she can to fight against the Germans. And their father, who sent them away as children after their mother died, is working for the Germans in Paris. They all end up taking very different paths through the war but also having similar and shared experiences. It’s a story of love, war, family, and survival at all costs.

This book is intense at times and, as I always say, I cannot imagine how so many people survived that war. Definitely read this one!