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Tiny Imperfections

At one point during college I entertained the idea of a career in private school admissions. After reading this book I am kind of glad I did not go that route! Tiny Imperfections by Alli Frank and Asha Youmans, although fiction, is based in the authors’ personal experiences. Josie is an admissions director at a high end west coast private school, deep into admissions season, and also deep into college decisions with her daughter. The story covers a lot of important and interesting topics about parenting, work and supervisor relationships, race, and romance.

There were times I really liked Josie and times I really disliked her. In her work role I liked her sense of self and not being willing to be taken advantage of, which was difficult, especially from her supervisor. But she complained of being treated poorly at work then turned around and did the same thing with her daughter. Many would argue that a parenting relationship is very different from a employee/supervisor relationship, but I think the same lessons can be taken from both. Granted I’m not a parent so I won’t try to act like I know how I would react to my daughter’s college and career desires differing from what I want for her. But those were the moments I didn’t agree as much with Josie.

Anyway, the book was great. It was mostly predictable but it still had a few surprises – enough to keep the intrigue alive. Check it out!

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In Five Years

Thanks to my friend for sending me this book – she’s pretty much my personal librarian/reading list. In Five Years by Rebecca Serle was a very quick read and highly entertaining. Dannie has a plan for her life and she checks off the boxes like it’s her job. Meet a man worth marrying, get her dream job, marry said man, buy a home in a specific part of town, live happily ever after. But one night that dream is sent into a tailspin by a simple dream. Or was it an actual glimpse into the future?

She goes about her life with her fiance and best friend, but always has that dream in the back of her mind. And when things start hitting too close to what she dreamed, she has to make some major life decisions. And she learns a lot about relationships along the way. My only complaint is that the end kind of leaves you hanging and wanting more. Check it out and enjoy!

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For Women Only

For Women Only by Shaunti Feldhahn has been on my list since we watched a short series based on the book in my church small group. I read it in one day in about 6 hours (yay holiday travel) so there’s really no excuse for anyone to not read it. It’s a quick but deep insight into men’s thoughts and actions. Surveys were given to thousands of men age 21 to 75, along with informal follow up surveys to specific groups of men. 

Many women might read this as rules to pleasing men, but it’s actual facts to know about the men in your life to make your relationship better. And these apply to husbands, boyfriends, friends, and sons. Not everything was surprising to me but I definitely learned some things about men’s brains. And the best part is the suggestions on what to do with the information you learn. 

I definitely recommend this book to women and I’m sure the alternate, For Men Only, is just as great for men to read. Nothing better than a quick, informative read!