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Love Life

My recent travel and travel recovery day gave me plenty of time to fly through Love Life by Rob Lowe. I had not read a nonfiction book in a while and I was already familiar with his writing. Although this was no Stories I Only Tell My Friends, it was still a good read. In this book, he talks more about the loves of his life – mainly his family. He talks more about his addiction and experience in rehab, and the stories revolve more around his wife and kids than the entertainment business. But don’t worry, there are still some great business stories – after all, that is a huge part of his life.

I definitely recommend this, but if you have to choose just one Rob Lowe book, go with his first. This one just wasn’t quite as captivating. Enjoy one…or both! Both have some great insight to living life to the fullest and, well, loving life.

“Adventure is important in life. Making memories matters. It doesn’t have to be a secret seaplane and a historic sports moment, but to have a great life you need great memories. Grab any intriguing offer. Say yes to a challenge and to the unknown. Be creative in adding drama and scope to your life. Work at it like a job.” ~Rob Lowe


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Stories I Only Tell My Friends

As I have said, I am sticking only to personally recommended reads for a while. I am also trying to alternate between fiction and nonfiction. Nonfiction isn’t difficult for me to read, I just gravitate toward fiction more. So it’s kind of a challenge to myself. Stories I Only Tell My Friends by Rob Lowe came recommended and I’m not going to lie, it didn’t go directly to the top of my list. I added it to my list but went through a couple other books before starting it. I don’t dislike Rob Lowe, I just wasn’t particularly interested in him or knew much about him. Oh, how quickly that all changed.

This may be the best autobiography I have ever read. Everyone, even if they don’t admit it, is intrigued by celebrity and celebrity lives. But Lowe is also a very talented writer. His stories read like a novel with drama, romance, action, and high emotion all rolled into one. Except it’s real life. His life. And his relationships with lives of other celebrities who I grew up watching and/or listening to. I now want to go back and watch everything Rob Lowe, especially West Wing, which I keep hearing is amazing. Don’t worry, it’s already in my Netflix queue. And I’ve added his more recent book, Love Life, to my reading list. He also makes one heck of a role model. He learned from his experiences and mistakes (and there were many) in life and used them to make himself a better person. I highly recommend this – a quick read that is highly entertaining. It also makes me want to write a book of stories, even if it’s only myself who ever sees it. It would not be even half as entertaining.

The quote below is a great example of the lessons he learned – and this is one we all learn at some point in life because no one’s life, even celebrities, goes exactly the way they want or expect at every turn. And I think the sooner you learn this lesson, the sooner you can enjoy your life as it is and live the best life possible. Sure it’s important to work hard and believe in yourself and the life you want, but that alone does not mean it will all go as planned.