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Love, Sex, & Dating

When I moved to Atlanta and asked people for church recommendations I heard one answer over and over: Buckhead Church. I started attending 2 years ago and may never leave. Andy Stanley is a great speaker – he preaches on a level that you can understand, can relate to, and get something out of (at least most the time; you’re unrealistic if you expect to get life-changing information out of every single message).

And just like people kept telling me to go to Buckhead Church, I have continuously heard people mention and talk about Andy’s Love, Sex, & Dating series. I finally watched it recently and now understand why people latch onto this series. The fact that Andy would do a series focusing on such a specific population of the church – singles and non-married people – simply shows how important he believes it is. He talks about the things a lot of people, especially churches, don’t want to talk about.

Here’s my challenge to you: watch the whole series. If you’re a Christian or not: watch the whole series. If you’re a male or female: watch the whole series. If you’re not dating right now: watch the whole series. If you aren’t ready to get married but even think you might want to some day: watch the whole series. If you start it and are hating it: finish the whole series. I bet you can take away at least one piece of useful information or that you’ll hear something that will at least make you think.

Buckhead Church series

Buckhead Church series