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#90. Snowman

Even Nashville has already had a good share of snow this winter!! Crazy!! Yesterday, while we were sleeping, it silently piled up outside to total about 3 inches!!

So of course I had to use this perfect opportunity to complete #90 on my 101 list – build a snowman. Now don’t laugh, but the snow wouldn’t roll!! It was too dry, but Meghan and I were determined. So mini-snowman it was. He is a simple little man, with a nose, mouth, arms, and yes, a bagel-thin hat. Maybe a little tragic, but it works for a southern snowman!! (Thanks to Meghan for taking pictures!!)

Kind of sad but he totally counts











We stayed out a little longer since I am not used to this much snow every year. Tucker loved running around and kicking up snow (and trying to get our snowman’s face and accessories….).

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Let It Snow, Let It Snow, Let It Snow

Nope, it is not Christmas. But it is the only song appropriate with the weather that hit this weekend. Thursday night, all the school districts canceled school. Friday morning, at about 8:30am, it started snowing. Ashley and I ventured out to go to the Y and a quick stop at the grocery store, then holed ourselves in for the day. It continued to snow for well over 12 hours straight and it slowly piled up. I know everyone makes fun of how the south reacts to winter weather, but this might be the most snow I’ve ever seen come down in a day’s time. By this morning, here’s the result:

Tucker doesn't really know what to think

looking down our street

pretty white house

I’m trying to convince Ashley to go out and build a snowman with me……so far no success 🙂