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#36. Caves

I was really excited when I put #36 on my 101 list – something different, not your typical weekend activity – to visit some caves. I left it generic because there are numerous cave options outside of Nashville, but Groupon made made it an easy option when they offered Spelunking at Cumberland Caverns.  So two friends and I made the 2 hour trek to McMinnville, TN. Apparently it was a popular day for caves, as there were about 80 people there for the spelunking tour. They split us into two groups, gave us our helmets with headlamps, and sent us through the “sizing box” (representing the smallest part of tour to fit through).

The tour was definitely more intense than I expected! Lots of army crawling, sliding, and squeezing – and lots and lots of mud. It was a blast and I would definitely recommend it if you enjoy outdoorsy activities.  And the best part – we got to keep the headlamp!!

(Thanks, Shelbie, for the pictures!!)



...and crawling


covered in mud and dirt at the end