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It is barely September but the weather is already teasing fall. And fall is great. I’ll admit, summer is my favorite month – I love the sun and don’t mind the heat (or really just hate being cold…and it doesn’t take much for me to get cold). But I do look forward to fall for many reasons. What are your favorite things about fall??

Pumpkin everything.

I don’t care if it’s now trendy or cliché, I was on the pumpkin bandwagon before there was a bandwagon. I love everything pumpkin.




Nothing really needs to be said….boots make an outfit even better



So maybe my team isn’t the best but I will cheer them on no matter what. And yes, SEC football is better football. Period.




I’ve recently made an effort to purchase some statement necklaces….but in general, my go-to accessory is scarves.




I love soup, but I just can’t eat soup in the summer. Mayyyybe in the office where it is always frigid, but in general I don’t want to eat something hot that will raise my body temperature 20 degrees. So I save my soups for the fall and winter. They’re easy, I do most of them in the crock pot, they make a lot, and I have a good variety. And soups are good freezer food. Check out some recipes I’ve already posted and I’ll be sure to throw in some new ones this fall!




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Wish List

I’m not a huge fan of shopping. I have to be in the right mood and/or be looking for specific things. But if I had a disposable income, here’s what I would be buying right now! I would not say I am stylish – I like what is cute and comfy!

Amapola Dress – Anthropologie

anthro dress1












Aures Sheath dress – Anthropolgie

anthro dress2












Sleek Blazer – Banana Republic













Riviera Shorts – LOFT










Koi Strappy Wedges – Anthropologie













White Eyelet Shift Dress – Banana Republic

white dress













Bandeau Suit for summer – Victoria Secret

bathing suit