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Bad Meetings

Another TED talk I listened to recently. This is very funny, but also sadly accurate. David Grady is an information security manager. He first posted part of a talk on YouTube a few years ago acting out a bad (but typical) meeting (first video below). Then last year he gave a short and entertaining TED talk (second video below)

Unfortunately we all can relate to this and although it’s┬ámostly humorous, he gives some good tips for productivity in the workplace. Enjoy!


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The War on Drugs

This is a very interesting TED Talk about the war on drugs – how it started, why drugs are illegal, and the current debated around legalizing some drugs. I’m not saying every drug should be legal, but there is something behind the notion that making something illegal makes it more lethal and dangerous (i.e. prohibition). Ethan Nadelmann is a drug policy reformer and founded the Drug Policy Alliance, and this is his powerful talk about the condition of the world of drugs.

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Ig Nobel Prize

In 1991, Marc Abrahams created the Ig Nobel Prize to recognize research that, according to Abrahams, “makes people laugh, then makes people think.” The best part is that the awards are handed out at the ceremony by actual Nobel Prize recipients. This is a pretty entertaining TED Talk, especially when he describes some of the winners of the award. I listened to this one but then had to actually watch the video because there are a lot of visuals. Enjoy!