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I love the show Nashville because it combines two things I absolutely love: music and the city of Nashville. All of the actors/actresses sing themselves, but Lennon and Maisy take the cake. They are actual sisters, who actually sing together, and I adore them. I especially loved this song on last week’s episode.

*spoiler alert: don’t watch this if you haven’t watched the episode that aired on Jan. 15 – this is the very last scene of the episode*

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#45. Friends

148 days and 236 episodes later, I have finally finished watching Friends in order from start to finish – crossing off #45 on my 101 list. I’m pretty sure this was the longest-lasting item on the list.  I had seen most of the episodes in no particular order – though I surprisingly did come across a few that I had not seen. It seriously, though, is a fabulous show and it is sad that it ended!! Every episode is funny and laugh-out-loud. There are also some great cameos. Thanks so much to Holly (our own little Monica) for letting me borrow every season and let me take them to 3 different – and trusting me to return them all 🙂

GREAT item to put on the list and I recommend them whether you’ve seen them all or not. Heck….I may end up buying all the seasons for myself…..


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Lessons from TV

I am not a big tv-watcher, and I have not watched Jon & Kate Plus 8 for a few seasons, but who could not watch the new episode with the “big announcement.”  Even though I have not followed all the gossip and updates about what is going on between Jon and Kate, you only need the basic idea: their marriage is falling apart. It may seem pathetic, but my heart breaks watching this family, with 8 beautiful children, going through such hard times. And of course everything is amplified because of the cameras and media attention. Even watching the show makes me feel awkward for Jon and Kate, with the avoidance and separate commentary.

Given the current rate of divorce (near 50%), I can’t imagine having to deal with a divorce with 1 child, much less 8 children. It also makes the thought of marriage kind of terrifying. Not that I am even anywhere close to engagement or marriage, but how can you trust your feelings and instincts that the person you are with will be the right person for you 10…..20…..50 years down the road? For me, that is where my faith is going to have to be strongest and trust that God will guide my decision-making. I only hope that when that day comes, I am in the right place to listen.