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The Gospel Whiskey Runners

I’m on a roll finding new music lately. I saw an add for this band’s new album in Relevant magazine and checked them out on Spotify. The Gospel Whiskey Runner’s new album came out a few days ago, but I listened to their debut album from 2011 last week. The lead singer’s voice reminds me of the Avett Brothers. I like it – check ’em out! (and no, this is not a cover of a now well-known song, Shake It Off. I know you were wondering slash maybe a little to excited. :))

The city lights are going to blind you

Make you forget who you are

Oh that past is going to haunt you

Grace shows us who we really are


Shake it off, shake it off

All those worries and those cares

Shake it off, shake it off

And tell ’em they’re not welcome here