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The Shadowboxers

I’ve been to a lot of concerts and some of my favorite bands and artists are ones I first heard as opening acts. I usually listen to openers I’ve never heard before the show, but didn’t before the Dave Barnes show at The Ryman this past weekend. So when I say I was completely blown away by The Shadowboxers it’s a little bit of an understatement. It didn’t hurt that we were front row, either (huge thanks to my friend for that one). And if there ever were a time to use the word swoon, this would be it, and is exactly what we did on Saturday. These guys are fun, talented, and easy on the eyes. They’ve got moves. From Atlanta, now in Nashville – my two favorite places.

Check them out and enjoy! Definitely go see them live if you have the chance. I’ll be jamming out to them, Lucie Silvas and Dave Barnes all day today reliving that amazing show at my favorite venue.