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A Sixpence in Her Shoe

Not many people know the full version of the traditional English wedding rhyme:

Something Old,

Something New,

Something Borrowed,

Something Blue,

And a sixpence in her shoe.

If you’ve never heard the first four lines, you’ve been living under a rock. But I had never heard the last line. Until my wedding day. My mom surprised me with a sixpence that has been worn by her, her two friends, and my sister-in-law on their wedding days.

The more traditional items in the first four lines are thought to bring good luck to the bride and groom, while the sixpence is thought to bring good fortune and wealth. My something old was my diamond pendant necklace that was my grandmother’s; something new was my dress and shoes; something borrowed was my friend’s (and bridesmaid) veil; something blue was my toenail polish and my unmentionables. 😀

A year into marriage and I cannot really speak to any of those things. I don’t think a marriage can use luck or wealth – moreso hard work and finding the right person. We are very fortunate in life in general and are thankful for everything we have.

But I thought this was a fun little tradition for the wedding that every bride can do, and having the complete package made it even better! We taped the coin into the arch of my shoe. I didn’t even know it was there – though I was terrified of it falling out. But it did not and it was returned safely to my mom. Thanks for the fun tradition!


Best Morning Ever

My favorite question to ask people at this time of year is “what is your Christmas?” The incredible part is that you will never hear the exact same answer twice. Every family does Christmas in their own way. Obviously it changes over time, but personally, I’ll always love Christmas the way it was 18 years ago.

  • Christmas Eve: BIG dinner of crab legs, shrimp, salad, baked potato
  • Christmas morning:
    • Scott and I wake up about 3am
    • Trample downstairs to check out the goods Santa left on the sofa (not wrapped); look but don’t touch yet
    • We make Mom, Dad, and Grandmama get up and let them get coffee and the video camera
    • Stockings first, one at a time
    • Santa gifts next, hold up each gift one at a time
    • Pass out wrapped gifts and open one a time
    • Breakfast: breakfast casserole, grits, muffins
    • spend the rest of the day playing with our new gifts

Obviously there is nothing even close to 3 am anymore, some gifts are done Christmas Eve with Scott’s girlfriend, Amanda, there are no Santa gifts, and I still miss Grandmama being around. Despite the changes, though, I still love Christmas and our only-slightly-tweaked traditions. I miss the excitement of being a kid and anxiously awaiting Christmas morning, but have a relaxed family day is also great.

I kind of love this Target commercial and like to think that this is what Christmas morning is.

What is your Christmas?!

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Christmas Traditions

I think one of the coolest parts about Christmas is how every family has their own traditions and people are very passionate about their Christmas traditions.  Issues arise when marriage occurs and traditions have to be shifted, but luckily I don’t have to worry about that any time soon! My family has many Christmas traditions, some of which have faded a little with age, but most hold on.

1. Magic Mouse: a magical Christmas mouse (little wooden figure with a bow) that moves every night leading up to Christmas day to be found every morning. Now I think of more fondly as a kind of poor man’s Elf on the Shelf. Really, though, our mouse was a heck of a lot harder to find than an elf.

2. Christmas Eve: nope, not church. Massive dinner of crab legs, boiled shrimp, backed potatoes, salad, and bread. How did this very nontraditional tradition get started? I have absolutely no idea. All I know is that I look forward to this meal the whole month of December.

3. Christmas Breakfast: mom’s infamous breakfast casserole. The one time of year we have it (though I started making it for weekend guests during the year at my house, too, but shhhhh don’t tell mom). The most delicious, greasy, all in one dish breakfast ever. We kid my brother every year that we are not having it. He would seriously leave the family if we didn’t.

4. Christmas gifts: Santa came on Christmas Eve and displayed our toys and gifts on the sofa, mine on one side, my brother’s on the other.  Back in the day, I was bright eyes and bushy tailed by 4am and we had no rule about going downstairs before our parents. Below is the progression of Christmas morning timeline:

  • The good ol’ days –> brother and I up in the wee hours of the morning, peek at gifts, wake up mom and dad, presents/stockings, eat, done by 9am
  • The middle years –> brother too old to get excited, me up by 5am, go downstairs and fall asleep for an hour by the tree, everyone gets up, presents, eat, done by 10am
  • The high school years –> up somewhat early, sit around, bug brother for at least an hour until he gets up, presents, breakfast, done by 10:30am
  • College –> brother and I eventually get up, breakfast, presents, done by 11am
  • Last year –> brother woke me up (first time ever in history), breakfast, presents, done around noon
  • This year –> have to get up for breakfast, brother to girlfriend’s house for the morning, our Christmas in afternoon, probably done by 5pm

5. Gift tags: we have to try to have creative gift tags, not just “To: Mom, From: Katy.” Also, there are still gifts from Santa. There’s also the good ol’ “From: _______” whom we dub “Nobody” and he can be a pretty good guy.

It’s amazing how much traditions stay the same, but change. What are your Christmas traditions??

Merry Christmas!!!