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Treasure Island

I am now officially way behind on completing things on my 101 list.  My excuses include moving last fall, being in school last fall, the winter (it’s just not as fun to do things), and having a new job. These of course are not legit excuses – I could have easily continued to chip away at the list. But oh well. Maybe I can get back on track a little and at least finish with a strong push!

I did finally break into #39, to read 5 classic novels I have never read. Although we read a lot of classics in high school, there are a lot more that we didn’t that I would like to read. I love reading but I definitely don’t make enough time to – too much time spent on the computer and watching tv.

Treasure Island by Robert Louis Stevenson was a quick and fun read. So many people know the name Long John Silver but it was fun to actually read the story in which he is a character. It’s perfect for the level it’s written for – 2nd or 3rd grade level – especially for boys who don’t always like to read as much as girls. It’s pirates, treasure, adventure, and a little violence. But an appropriate degree. 🙂

I’m glad I read it and will definitely have the kids in my life someday read it. I need 4 more classics – suggestions are welcome and wanted!