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Bachelor Casting Call

Yes, you read that title right and yes, it is what you think it is. I admit that I watch The Bachelor/Bachelorette empire – and participate in my office bracket competition. I have not always watched….but come on, it’s entertaining (in a reality tv, sad way). So when we found out there was a casting call in Atlanta, my coworker and I decided we should go because…..why not? Now I have absolutely NO expectations of hearing from them, but ‘ya never know…..right…..? haha

Ok, I’m slightly embarrassed to even admit I attended this, but hey – I can say I “auditioned” for a tv show and we really just wanted a glimpse “behind-the-scenes”. But don’t get too excited – it was pretty anti-climactic. I had pulled up a few blogs of women who had gone to casting calls before and they talked about hundreds of girls (with a sprinkle of guys) and waiting for hours. So we aimed to get there as soon as we could after work, which only gave me a minute to change clothes and get back in the car. I went with a pencil skirt, blue tank, pink statement necklace and wedge sandals. I had some better dresses but they were wrinkled and I didn’t plan ahead. I was definitely of the more conservatively dressed but I was just going for me!



We parked easily at WSB (wasn’t at a hotel like in a lot of cities, but at the home of the local ABC station), followed a guy (probably an intern) through the building (aka maze), to a large break room. We signed in (numbers 51 & 52), were given applications (the same 6-page application you find online to apply) and agreements to sign our lives away. Then we stood in line to have our picture taken (in front of a wall in front of the entire room): 2 head shots, 3 full body. We then sat in another line for our interviews. The interviews were one-on-one, video recorded, and were literally 5 minutes. She asked the basic questions without even looking at the application: where are you from? age? job? married before? relationship history? why do you want to be on the show? End scene.  In an hour and a half we were done. My favs from the application:

  • Are you genuinely looking to get married & why? [insert half a line to answer]
  • (immediately followed by) Why would you want to find your spouse on our tv show? [insert 2 full lines to answer]
  • followed by general questions all with 2 answer lines: your ideal mate, pets, tattoos, hobbies/interests
  • List 3 adjectives that would surprise people about you – I just found this an odd wording and feel like there are few answers that would work to your advantage (ex. “funny” could work because maybe not everyone knows how funny you are)…otherwise it will be used against you (ex. “fun”, “outgoing”, “confident” they will ask – why are people surprised you are fun [i.e. do you come across as really boring]?)

There weren’t a ton a people there – as I said we got there about 30 minutes after it started and were around #50. Little groups of 3-6 kept trickling in, but it was not a mass. The attendees were mostly what you would expect: young women, long hair (lots of blonde), dressed and done up for a summer evening out with the ladies, wedges/heels. I saw I think 4 men filling out applications/participating. It really wasn’t even that great of people watching (though you knew every girl was judging every other girl) except for a few (see shoes pictured below). But props to everyone for going out – as my mom keeps telling me: you never know!

Did it – it’s a fun story – and now I have a good “two truths & a lie” answer. Back to real life! I am interested in the numbers (yes…nerd alert) of how people who are on the show applied – casting call, applied online, or were just “found” by the show (because that also does happen). So sue me – I like to know how things work.


waiting in line for the interview

these happened; heel-less stilettos??

these happened; heel-less stilettos??