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#49. Beachaven

I love wine – so it’s only fitting that I have multiple wineries on my 101 list. This past weekend, we braved the record high temperatures and drove the 45 minutes to Clarksville, TN to visit Beachaven Winery. It is a beautiful vineyard (maybe ignoring the lovely view of I-65), with rose bushes blooming at the end of each row.

We took a tour and they explained the process of making wine – which I had never heard before – and also showed us the champagne cellar and explained that process! Although it was a little hurried through the outdoor parts, it was really interesting! We also did a tasting – able to taste whatever wines you wanted. They have a pretty large selection of wines – whites, reds, fruit wines, and dessert wines. I bought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc since I drink more whites in the summer. Since it’s hot. Have you deduced yet that it is HOT here? 🙂

hand-carved wine barrels

champagne cellar


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Live it Up – Vineyard

One thing I have loved since turning 21 is going to vineyards. Although I have not had the chance to go to a lot, Arrington Vineyard in Arrington, TN is one of my favorite. Beginning in May and going into the fall, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday turns into Music in the Vines. Bring a blanket, food, and good friends. Listen to some smooth jazz music while you take in the beautiful green landscape. Be sure to put your name down first thing for a wine tasting, as it can be up to a 4 hour wait. Or you can just buy bottles to enjoy there. My favorites are the Red Fox Red, Desert Rose, and Raspberry. (hint: if you choose the raspberry during your wine tasting, you get a delicious piece of dark chocolate to have with it).  Arrington Vineyards



my view from the top of the hill

my view from the top of the hill