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Ski Trip

Last weekend brought a 5 hour bus ride with 7th and 8th graders to Perfect North, Indiana for a quick weekend ski trip. The senior high were on the second bus, but I bet they didn’t have kids scream-singing or continuously crawling into the overhead bins. Seriously. I don’t ski, and it was an exhausting weekend before it even started, but it was fun nonetheless and I love our awesome 8th grade girlies!!

FPC Chaperones are awesome!

Some of the beginners getting ready for their lesson

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Best Weekend Ever.

Here are the highlights from this weekend because it was that awesome. You’ll get the details throughout the week!

Friday: Chihuly show at Cheekwood, Las Maracas for dinner (with Adam, Mary, & Brain)

Saturday: 4 mile training run with Meghan, boot camp, lazy afternoon, grilling burgers with the girls, haunted house (101 item!)

Sunday: Urban Dare Race (placed 7th) and gorgeous October day