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Brew at the Zoo

Beer festivals are fun. But add a fun location and/or entertainment to the festival and it’s even better. Cue Brew at the Zoo. Beer, wine, cute and awesome animals, and live music. This past long weekend was perfect weather and my friend came to visit from Nashville. We had a fun group and I even ran into more friends once we got there! The lines were a little long for drinks, but it was still perhaps my favorite event in Atlanta so far. I would highly recommend it! One new beer/wine festivals down – 1 to go!


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#76. Stock the Bar

Hosting parties is one of my favorite things – so I was thrilled to host, along with 4 other wonderful ladies, a Stock the Bar party for the lovely bride and groom-to-be, Meghan and Jonathan (and at the same time cross of a last minute 101 item)!  We had a beautiful host home in Nashville, decorated with wine bottles and candles. Add delicious food from all the hostesses and you have a party!

It was a great night to celebrate the couple, spend time with friends, and meet new friends! Congrats Meghan and Jonathan!

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#49. Beachaven

I love wine – so it’s only fitting that I have multiple wineries on my 101 list. This past weekend, we braved the record high temperatures and drove the 45 minutes to Clarksville, TN to visit Beachaven Winery. It is a beautiful vineyard (maybe ignoring the lovely view of I-65), with rose bushes blooming at the end of each row.

We took a tour and they explained the process of making wine – which I had never heard before – and also showed us the champagne cellar and explained that process! Although it was a little hurried through the outdoor parts, it was really interesting! We also did a tasting – able to taste whatever wines you wanted. They have a pretty large selection of wines – whites, reds, fruit wines, and dessert wines. I bought a bottle of Sauvignon Blanc since I drink more whites in the summer. Since it’s hot. Have you deduced yet that it is HOT here? 🙂

hand-carved wine barrels

champagne cellar


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#75. Arrington

I’ve been to Arrington Vineyards numerous times, but had never had the chance to take out-of-town friends or family. So I put it on my 101 list! My parents were in town last weekend so I thought it would be a nice relaxing break in our busy scheduled weekend. We drove the 30ish minutes south of town, and it rained the whole way down. Luckily, not even kidding, as we pulled onto the road the vineyard is on, it stopped raining and the sun came out! We even got lucky enough to get a parking spot at the top of the hill right next to the building!

We claimed a picnic table and took out our wonderful spread of cheese/crackers, sandwiches, and fruit. And after only about a 30 minute wait, we were called in for our wine tasting! You choose 4 wines from the list to try. I tried 2 whites, 1 red, and a dessert wine. Both dessert wine options, blackberry and raspberry, are served with a chocolate truffle, which they make at Arrington. Delicious.

We bought 2 bottles and returned to our table to enjoy the beautiful weather, good food and wine, and company of family and friends!

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Wine Loft

One item on my 101 list is to go to 10 new Nashville restaurants. Numero uno was the Wine Loft, located in the Gulch. The Gulch area is fun and trendy, anyway, and the Wine Loft fits right in. The whole place is stocked with comfy couches and chairs, coffee tables, stools.  There is a very large wine list (obviously) with different specials on various nights, and they also have a fully stocked bar, if wine isn’t your thing. There is a small menu of appetizer-type food, which in my opinion is a little over-priced.

We went as our last girls night before Debbie gets hitched next weekend. I had a Groupon, which we easily used up, and it half-price bottle night. It was fun and I would definitely go again, but just for wine. No snacky snacks next time.

Cheers to Debbie and Trey!

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Two Buck Chuck

One thing in life that I love is wine.  With dinner, with dessert, to relax after a hard day.  Although it would be cool to be considered a wine connoisseur, I rather enjoy not being a picky wine drinker and not being too knowledgeable about the wine I am drinking. I enjoy reds, whites, and pinks depending on my mood (rather than what I am eating). When I am at a restaurant, I narrow the list first by price, then by what I feel like. When I am shopping the wine shop, I look first at prices, then pretty much at the labels. Yes, I am one of those. But honestly, if the cheaper wine tastes good to me, why pay more? Every now and then, for a special occasion, it’s definitely fun to get a nicer bottle.


However, thanks to the strange and annoying laws in Tennessee, I am not able to buy some of my favorite and cheapest wine…..the classic Two Buck Chuck from Trader Joe’s. It really is two dollars and it honestly is delicious. I mostly get the Chardonnay and White Zinfindel (“get” as in take from my mom when I am at my parent’s house since there’s not a TJ’s close enough to their house….thanks mom!). Thanks to the law in TN against selling certain alcohol contents (anything higher than normal beer) in grocery stores, our lovely Trader Joe’s cannot sell their famous wine. I feel bad for the store, but I feel ever worse for the consumer’s, like me! Soemtimes I just need me some two buck chuck. For now, I will just have to stock up from my mother’s pantry whenever I am there. Hopefully the law will improve soon in the lovely state of TN.



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Live it Up – Vineyard

One thing I have loved since turning 21 is going to vineyards. Although I have not had the chance to go to a lot, Arrington Vineyard in Arrington, TN is one of my favorite. Beginning in May and going into the fall, Friday, Saturday, and Sunday turns into Music in the Vines. Bring a blanket, food, and good friends. Listen to some smooth jazz music while you take in the beautiful green landscape. Be sure to put your name down first thing for a wine tasting, as it can be up to a 4 hour wait. Or you can just buy bottles to enjoy there. My favorites are the Red Fox Red, Desert Rose, and Raspberry. (hint: if you choose the raspberry during your wine tasting, you get a delicious piece of dark chocolate to have with it).  Arrington Vineyards



my view from the top of the hill

my view from the top of the hill