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So Long, 2016

2016 is coming to a close and it’s been a bit of a whirlwind year. Like most years, it had some high and lows, but overall I’d say that for me, 2016 has been great. Here are the highlights, in no particular order.

Weddings, babies and graduations, oh my!

I was lucky enough to celebrate a cousin and 4 different friends getting married, 2 of which I was honored to stand along side. Well, that ended  up being standing beside just one, but more on that later. I also had one dear friend have her first baby and one complete her PhD. It brought me such joy to celebrate these people with showers, bachelorettes, parties, and gifts. I wish them all the best of marriages, new families, and new jobs. All of this alone was enough to make 2016 a great one!


Moving Friends

A good friend moving away is not a good thing for anyone. It’s sad and difficult to come to terms with. But if it has to happen, you might as well make the best of it with a 7 state road trip in a car packed to the ceiling, complete with an overnight stay at a bed and breakfast. Definitely a highlight of the year, albeit a sad long term outcome.


Disney & Universal

My nephew is 2 ½ and you have to pay for children to get into Disney at age 3, so of course my Disney-loving sister-in-law had to plan a big family trip this year. Best. idea. ever. I didn’t get around to doing a whole post on this trip as the end of the year got away from me, but I feel like a Disney expert now. Although I’m sure I still know nothing compared to people who go all the time. This was my first time there since I was 8. And it was magical. The week after Thanksgiving is a great time to go if you can take time off. And I was really surprised at how much stuff there was for my nephew to do! It was an awesome trip and definitely a highlight of the year.



2016 was a year of many travels. In addition to the trips already mentioned, I made it to cities, states, and another country! Locations included two trips to Nashville, TN; multiple trips to Daphne, AL; Denver (plus south of Denver for work); State College, PA; Nicaragua; Austin, TX; Chattanooga, TN; Asheville, NC; McCormick, SC; Orlando, FL; Helen, GA; St. Augustine, FL

So many places, so little time!



The downfall of social media is that all you see is the wonderful, happy pieces of everyone’s life. Although a lot of great things happened this year, it wasn’t all sugar and spice. The night before my friend’s wedding – one I was supposed to be in – I landed myself in the ER, which turned into the ICU, with some kind of infection. And yes, that’s the most diagnosis I ever got. Needless to say, I missed my friend’s wedding and was devastated. It was also a miserable two weeks being in the hospital for 3 ½ days then recovering. But it was made tolerable and I made it out stronger because of my incredible family and friends. It was a reminder of how lucky I am to have the people who are in my life.



This guy

As incredible as everything was this year,  this guy takes the cake. We met in our condo complex with the dogs out on the lawn [cue the AWs]. Adorable, right? We grabbed dinner and drinks for our first date on a nearby patio and we hit it off. But little did I know how amazing this year would be together. He is kind, funny, thoughtful and caring. He made it through a stay, by my side, in the ER and ICU just 6 months in. I can go on and on about how much I love this guy, but I’ll spare you. He is easily THE highlight of this year and I can’t wait for the year to come.



I completed my book challenge by 10 books and had some great ones of the 30 I read! I think I’m going to up my challenge to beat my 30 next year.


I know not everyone had a great year. I am ignoring some major events that happened in our country this year to focus on my little insignificant life. If it wasn’t a great year for you, I hope for everything and more for you in 2017. Happy New Year!

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Top 10 of 2014

As each year comes to a close, I think it’s important to look back and consider what you went through, what you learned, and how you grew as a person. I’m pretty sure everyone, in the course of a year, experiences the good and the bad – both of which are actually great depending on how you react.

Overall, 2014 was good for me, but I am looking forward to 2015 and an even better year. I wanted to do a short review of the year and what better way than to list the best? Especially since you know I love lists. So here’s the top 10 – they’re kind of ranked but really all of them helped make this a memorable year, and the top 5 especially are extra great, so really they should all be at the top. Bring it on 2015!


10. Garth Brooks concert. I love concerts and go to them fairly often, but this was an event to remember. Garth Brooks was one of my first music loves – maybe even my very first. And he more than exceeded the hype. If you can see him live in your lifetime – do it.


9. Crossed off 12 of my 30. Almost half of my 30 before 30 list is complete! I have a little less than 10 months to finish it off and I’m looking forward to all that’s left!


8. Grandman Triathlon. This was my third sprint triathlon but it was by far my favorite. Not only did I get to visit family, but I also enjoyed the race in Fairhope, AL. The swim especially was better than the others I had done. If you’re looking for a tri in the southeast, I highly recommend this one!


7. Weddings. I had the honor of witnessing numerous friends get married and had tons of fun celebrating at the receptions!


6. San Francisco. A great friend moved out to the west coast with an awesome new job, so of course we had to go visit! It was a wonderful long weekend packed with sites, hikes, and catching up. I can’t wait to visit again!


5. Greece. If you want details, start here and read about a weeks worth of posts! Amazing is not a strong enough word to describe it. See all the pictures on those same posts also!



4. UpStreet. I’ve been going to Buckhead Church for 2 years now and have tried a couple different routes to get more involved. If you know me, you of course know I love kids and so helping out in kids church seemed to be a good fit. The last six weeks of the year were getting started and settled in with Kindergarten which has already been so much fun – and kids really do say the darndest things.



3. Job. I love my office and coworkers and was lucky this year to stay int he same place but transition to a new position of coordinating a research project. Technically it’s still the same title but is a very different job. I’ve been challenged and have learned a lot in coordinating sites in 3 different states – and could not have survived it if it weren’t for some great coworkers. I also – right before changing positions – had a great time at a conference in New Orleans with a few of those same wonderful coworkers!


2. Small group. Another way I have gotten more involved at church is by joining a small group. I joined with 2 friends from a previous group and I could not have asked for a better group. I’ve known these gals for about 4 months and I couldn’t ask for a nicer, cooler, or more caring group. I can’t wait to get to them all even more in 2015!


1. Nephew! I haven’t actually written any posts, but if you’re friends with me on social media you know that I have the most adorable nephew ever seen! Ok, I’m a little partial. But he is seriously cute and smart and sweet. Although they do not live super close, I’ve been able to see them here or there pretty frequently. He’s now 9 months old and it is such a joy to watch him grow (rather quickly I might add), learn, discover, and play.


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2012 in Review

My 2012 really held nothing especially spectacular or exciting, but it was a good year.  I only completed 18 items off my 101 list – not quite enough to keep on track towards finishing. However, a sharp turn in my life plans delayed completing some items.  No worries though – I’ll just have to do more fun things to start off 2013!

2012 brought many travels, including camping in Arizona and serving in New Orleans with the youth, Pennsylvania/New Jersey for a conference, fishing in Fort Morgan, beautiful weddings in Huntsville and Auburn (GA), Daphne (AL) for Thanksgiving, New York City with my mom, and Auburn (AL) for family Christmas!  Both Atlanta and Nashville were travel destinations depending on the time of year.

By far, the highlight of my travels and the overall year was my trip to Haiti.  Words cannot express the impact that the St. Joseph’s Family and HOM had on my heart.  The are people and organizations doing amazing things in Haiti and they are a beautiful people and country.  I can only hope to go back as soon as possible.

The biggest change in the year was moving from Nashville to Atlanta. It felt like a sad but needed change. It was quite the adjustment moving back in with my parents after 8 years of being on my own, but I am extremely grateful for such a supportive, loving family.  I came in pursuit of an MSW degree from Georgia State University.  I’ll admit that it was a tough semester – so much so that it made me realize I could not disregard my actual dream of a research-related career.  So when a job in that field fell into my lap, I decided, at the end of the year, to take it and discontinue my pursuit of another graduate degree.

All in all it was a whirlwind of a year.  Atlanta is definitely growing on me and in 2013 I hope to be able to find my own place (after having a job again).  There are so many fun things to do and I have already met so many wonderful people, as well as reconnecting with some old friends. Here’s to 2013!

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2010 in Review: Part III

2010 in Review: September – December

  • Football/Tailgates – the best thing by far about this football season was the tailgates

  • Steeler’s game – first time in the Titans stadium, playing the Steelers, with pregame sidelines passes! Best Sunday ever

  • Bluebird Cafe – Dave Barnes, Matt Wertz, Thad Cockrell, & John Singleton

  • Birthday – the big 25. And the best roommates who threw me a surprise party! (Meghan’s post)

  • Urban Dare – giant Nashville scavenger hunt with the best teammate ever. We rocked.

  • 10K – trained for and ran with Meghan


  • First Snow – already snowing in the south. Going to be a long winter.

  • Christmas Proposal – the most exciting way to end the year. After 9 years, my brother proposed to his girlfriend on Christmas!!

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2010 in Review: Part II

2010 in Review: May – August

  • Nashville Flood – I was out of town when it happened, but the effects can still be seen today, 8 months later. The pictures are still baffling.

  • Guatemala – We worked. We played. We got stuck due to a volcano and tropical storm. Most epic trip ever. The posts start there but go on for numerous posts.

  • House warming – after moving then being gone for 2 weeks, we finally got settled into Duncanwood and welcomed friends to our new house!

fried moonpie

  • Girls weekend – my mom, best childhood friend, and her mom came for a weekend!!

  • 101 List – started my list of 101 things to complete in 1001 days. I am loving checking things off!

  • Busch Stadium – I love baseball, so this was super exciting for me!

Busch Stadium

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2010 in Review

I wish I had started this last week, but I want to do a little review of 2010. It’s been a pretty busy and awesome year, but I am super excited to see what 2011 has in store!

2010 in Review: January – April

  • Snowpocolypse 2010 – A strong snow/icy storm hit Nashville right at the end of January. Ashley and I were stuck at home for a few days and walked to Publix to buy ice cream (obviously).

  • Chaperoned Ski Trip – roomed with about 15 7th grade girls for a weekend in the snow! Exhausting and wonderful!

  • First Job – started my first post-graduation job, albeit part-time, but loved it!
  • Farewell Kenner – we hosted our final party in our beloved house on Kenner Ave. Sad day.