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Face Yoga

I have decided that simply doing yoga is not enough. Sure it’s a great exercise for the mind and body. But what about the face??? Lucky for me Greer Childers had this same concern years ago. So everyone can now get the true complete body workout. This is just a clip of what you haven’t been doing, so add it into your normal workout routine. You’ll catch me doing this at my desk, at the gym, and at home!

Warning: by watching this video you understand that results may include being doubled-over, laughing until you cry and/or your face hurts, and the need to get the bathroom real fast.


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#8. Yoga

#8 from my 30 before 30 list is done – I’m over halfway done! About 2 years ago I bought a Groupon for 20 classes to Red Hot Yoga. Luckily they accept them whenever – literally no expiration date – so I finally started to use it at the beginning on the year. Mostly thanks to another friend who wanted to go.

Yoga is great, especially if you typically hit the cardio and/or weights hard.¬†Stretching is important¬†– and I don’t do it nearly enough for as much as I run. And as I have discovered lately, training for a half marathon at 29 is definitely different than training at 24. I know it sounds silly but it is – if I don’t stretch now I pay for it. Insert yoga. Especially since I’m training for a half marathon right now, it feels great. And I am not flexible at all, so don’t use that as an excuse. It really does help you become more stretchy the more you do it! And actually the heat (this is hot yoga) helps even more. The heat is actually what scared me the most, but I go early morning and it actually feels awesome. This studio is great because you don’t feel like a fool – there are always other beginners and they are pretty good about making sure you are doing all the poses correctly (otherwise it’s kind of pointless).

I still have about 10 classes left on my groupon and we’ll see what I do when that is up but I’m hoping to keep going at least once a week! Now if I can only get in the habit of stretching on my own….